People & PromotionsApr 26, 2019

Amanda Weber Promoted to Digital Sales Coach & Training Manager

Congratulations to Amanda Weber on her promotion to Digital Sales Coach & Training Manager!

This role fully harnesses Amanda’s incredible capacity to educate and inspire digital sales from teammates as a trainer and coach, and is one that will amplify and replicate her own thoroughly proven, practical ability to close strong sales.

Amanda will run 500+ one-on-one OPTIMA™ phone coaching sessions over the next 12 months. If you want coaching, advice, practical tips and solid answers from someone who is in the field making the same sale you are making three days per week, there’s not a better resource across the whole company than Amanda Weber.  We’re going to update, improve, and prioritize “Digital Calls with the Webster” starting this coming week.

Amanda will also run 24 personal field training days in the next 12 months, focused on helping sales reps of every tenure pitch and close more OPTIMA™, showing how it’s done, and giving feedback that those 24 fortunate reps can take to the bank.

For those of you who know Amanda or have heard her speak on morning Success Calls or at company meetings, it will be great to have more structured access to her “live” as your personal digital sales coach from time to time.  Even better, it will be awesome to have, over time, a library of her great sales training topics that you can tune into on your tablet, so that you’ve got most articulate sales person in the company as close as a tap on the screen of your iPad.  If you haven’t had a chance to work with Amanda yet, you will!

Her new role reflects Amanda’s nearly seven years of service to AMP.  Amanda was our 2009 Rookie of the Year (before moving for a few years to Maryland with her husband Alan, then moving back and rejoining us) and is a former District Manager and Digital DM.  She’s a regular and highly influential morning call host, and someone the entire company listens to as an inspiring, authoritative voice about life in sales and in particular, how to close more of them.  Away from work,  Amanda is a busy mother to daughter Alania (age five) and to son Anderson (10 months).  She’s a movie buff who literally never forgets a line, and Amanda is as frightening a guest any Halloween masquerade ball as you have ever seen!

Congratulations Amanda on this dynamic new role. 

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