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Isaac Taylor Promoted to Digital Assistant District Manager – Southern, IL Market

Congratulations to Isaac Taylor on his promotion to Digital Assistant District Manager – Southern, IL Market!

Isaac Taylor flew into AMP with success and hasn’t looked back. Isaac Taylor is a name we hear often at AMP. Whether it is on morning success calls, digital summits or daily in recognition. His energy is electric and his passion for life, helping small business owners, and for AMP is infectious. Isaac’s journey began late in February with his AMP inception. In one short week he sold $5,610 in sales. This fast start teed up an AMP history digital record that is yet to be broken. Enter March, enter Isaac. $36,125 in total sales his first month with an impressive $20,455 in OPTIMA™, $3,590 in CloseBy®, $12,080 in GSV with a solid 74% POS. This incredible start not only cemented Isaac in the AMP Hall Of Fame but also landed him a spot as one of the top Digital reps in the company as well as number one Rookie spot of 2019.

Through August ($23,640 in digital sales), Isaac is averaging $19,919 in total digital sales with $13,485 in OPTIMA™ a month with over 66% POS. Though these numbers are impressive, Isaac continually pushes himself to grow and sell more each month. Just wait until we see what September brings!

When Isaac isn’t helping small business owners with their digital marketing he spends his time with his wife Ashley and their fur baby Monty. He is an avid gym goer and believes in not only staying physically fit, but mentally as well. Isaac and Ashley love the outdoors and accompanied by Monty spend as much time outdoors as they can.

Isaac told his District Manager Lindsay Sullivan that he is competitive by nature and that’s one of the many reasons he loves AMP. He gets to compete against himself daily. He doesn’t feel like he’s coming to work every day, but rather going out and making an impact in the communities he works and with the small business owners he helps! He said the fact that he gets paid to do something he loves is just an added bonus.

Isaac is a natural leader and proof that hard work, works. Isaac’s expanding always in all ways. As a result just six months into his career he has been promoted to Senior Digital Rep and now to Assistant Digital District Manager.

Congratulations Isaac Taylor on your well-earned promotion!

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