PromotionsDec 23, 2020

Krysten Wharton Promoted to Senior Assistant District Manager for the Central Region

Congratulations to Krysten Wharton on her promotion to Senior Assistant District Manager for the Central Region!

On September 3rd we sent out Krysten’s promotion announcement to Assistant District Manager for Southern Illinois and it started like this; “For some, getting promoted twice in three months seems unlikely. However, Krysten Wharton made this an easy decision with all that she has done and continues to do for Central Region and our AMP. We could talk about her amazing and consistent individual sales performance, but her sphere of influence is even more impactful. Chances are you have heard K-Dub on the morning success calls, or on the first ever virtual Leadership Development Program she co-hosted. We knew this woman would be a superstar when we saw her on stage at our 2020 All Company Kick Off Meeting in January where she was awarded 2019 #2 Rookie Of The Year and the highly coveted President’s Achievement Award.”

Krysten recently shared with Lindsay Sullivan her DM and Brian Franczak her VP some of her goals for 2020, among the list was to achieve her Senior ADM role. We are extremely proud to announce that Krysten Wharton has earned her 3rd promotion this year and was able to put a big check mark next to that goal! While on the subject of goals Krysten also shared that on the list was to sell over $30,000 in a single month and that month so happens to be this December which isn’t over yet. So far, Krysten sold $35,452 in sales, $8,097 OPTIMA+Social, $1,995 GSV, 6 Print New with 75% POS. This level of accountability to achieving all goals set forth is who Krysten is. When she sets her mind to something, she always achieves and then some. We all have heard the story of KW going out on Sunday December 31st 2019 the final Sunday in our 2019 year and securing  her last optima after 6pm to achieve the coveted and south after President’s Achievement Award. As exciting as that was, this served as a catalyst for Krysten this 2020. She increased all performance measures, took on more leadership opportunity and earlier this December secured her 2nd PAA. Her continued drive to be 1% better has played a huge part in the fast growth of her AMP career.

We talk about people being “that person” the person whose presence makes us better, that person who leaves a lasting impression, that person who is so appreciative, humble, giving, caring and supportive, that person who is the most amazing listener. That is Krysten, she is “that person” and we are so fortunate that she is our AMP person! If there was a picture in the dictionary next to servant leadership, Krysten’s smiling face would be right there. It is to us! Influence through actions, influence through presence, Krysten has the ability to inspire the masses with one call, or one smile. Success is written all over this amazing person!

In addition to Krysten’s current roles, she wears near every hat one can wear within our CentralStrong culture. Krysten this 2020 stepped up into a professor role, yes, Professor of Onboarding & Engagment. This role has been vital for our region as KW would engage each new hire across all the states of Central in lead up to their seat in one of our training classrooms. Influence as a professor? Well 24% increase of inculence in scheduled to seated talent in classroom trainings. That is influence and that is KW!

Krysten impacts the lives of everyone she comes in contact with in our AMP family. Here are a few things that CentralStrong leaders had to say:

Brain Franczak

“Mamba Shark, KW, K-Dubs. I can also add in that you are an incredible friend! Watching your evolution since inception, seeing that confidence fill a room, but yet never losing sight of the core values that make you, our Mamba; selfless, heart and always making everyone better around you. Thank you for making me better and helping me grow in all ways. I will leave you with this Krysten in my remarks about this promotion. You sent me a text on Sunday, June 14th at 11:28am on June that I saved to surface during the right time. The text read “Between us, I am ticked when CMC sent the top 25 for May and I wasn’t on it. I totally understand why I wasn’t and I am so proud of everyone else who is! However, it sparked something. I don’t ever want to feel that again. Never got complacent, but I realized I have to step it up. My confidence has been rattled the last few months and had to remind myself that I can do this! You guys clearly see something in me that I don’t always necessarily see in myself. So mark this text as from this minute forward, I will never settle for anything other that the best. I am going to crush it the rest of the year and I promise you that I will NOT look back.” Well, KW that June you were region Rep Of The Month and thereafter you have stepped up in every aspect of your life! You flipped the switch and you have never seen so clearly! Proud of you!

Lindsay Sullivan

“Krysten jokes all the time that we are the same person and let me tell you I take that as a compliment. It’s been my honor to help guide Krysten over the last couple years, though I assure you I have learned just as much from her as she has from me. Krysten has played a tremendous role in the overall success of Team Southern and I’m so thankful she has made AMP her home. Krysten truly is a shining light for all of AMP and I’m so excited to watch her journey as she continues to grow!”

Luke Wasowski

“To the leader with the most nicknames: Mamba Shark you are an embodiment of high motor, high enthusiasm, and shear leadership. You consistently raise your hand to do MORE and execute everything with confidence. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the entire company knew you by name as you’ve become one of the most successful influencers. I owe you a “thank you” for motivation and inspiring me along with the rest of Central Region. Congratulations!”

Raphael Weaver

“The SHARK is truly a great nickname for you Krysten. You attack everything that needs to get done and always come through for your teammates and yourself. It’s a pleasure working alongside you and I know you’ll do great things in this new role. Congratulations on a well deserved promotion!”

Outside of work, Krysten is a competitive pool professional and competes as a very high level. Krysten loves reading and personally I love when she sends me a thoughtful text over the weekends from something that has inspired her. Krysten loves spending time with her dogs Jax and Abel and can’t leave out her fiance Cortez. In Krysten’s own words, “I love the camaraderie of AMP, the encapsulation culture and knowing that the leadership, from the top down, to my own team members is always available to help.” Krysten is genuinely appreciative and gives out so much good in the world. We are blessed and lucky to play on the same team!

Congratulations, Krysten, on this well-deserved promotion!

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