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AMPlified Success: Aylin Garza

Meet Aylin Garza, OPTIMA™ Admin Trainer & Quality Specialist and recent graduate from Northern Illinois University, and read about her career journey at AMP.

My career at AMP started when I was mainly searching for a job in my career field that will also get me out of working seasonally at Lowe’s. I job searched on Indeed and I was very interested in the Entry Level Digital Administrative Specialist because it was for a marketing company and for a digital marketing role. After applying and emailing with Melissa, I got an interview and started on July 1, 2019. On my first week I was able to catch on very fast in the detailing role and transitioned into the registration role within a couple weeks. While working on registrations, I was also able to use my bilingual skills and help the onboarding and verification team in translating calls.

On Sunday I officially graduated Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. I have accomplished my dream with a strong work ethic and dedication.

A little life story: My dad barely finished elementary school and my mom some high school years in Mexico. We moved to the USA when I was 8 and from there I realized that this country had so many opportunities to offer. We came here on tourist visas, which eventually expired. When Obama was President I was granted the opportunity to get my DACA card which allowed me to enroll in college, get a social security card, and a drivers license. Fast forward a few years, I was able to become a permanent resident, which is a huge advantage and a safety blanket when you are an immigrant. Through the hardships, the challenges, the hurdles, I never lost sight of my end goal of graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

I have really loved working at AMP because they have allowed me to work part time while I went back and forth to NIU. I never let my work get in the way of my studies and vice versa. I graduated with a business administration degree with a minor in marketing. I also graduated with honors, cum laude and as a distinguished business scholar. Transitioning to full time is a great opportunity for me to develop into a professional, which I always aspired to be. I will also be taking on a new role as an Admin Trainer and Quality Specialist where I will be conducting new and existing trainings on the admin side, completing quality checks on a quarterly basis, as well as continuing to be a lead on the urgency tasks coming in. My Spanish skills will also be used in helping out the customer experience department and account managers with translating and communicating with Spanish speaking customers. Now that I have graduated I plan to get out of my comfort zone and really strengthen up my communication skills, because I am a big introvert, and I believe my new role will help in doing just that. I also look forward to working from home and training virtually!!

I celebrate this accomplishment with so much joy! And I finished my semester strong despite many changes that we have all gone through this year. I graduated cum laude with university honors, on the Dean’s list, and as a distinguished business scholar. #firstgeneration #highereducation


On Aylin’s time at AMP, Cameran Fry had this to say:

“A recent graduate from Northern Illinois University’s Honors Program with a B.S. Business Administration (Cum Laude), Aylin is a first generation college graduate and one of AMP’s newest full-time office employees. She recently accepted a full time position with our OPTIMA Administrative Fulfillment Team as Admin Trainer & Quality Specialist. Aylin started with the company, part-time while attending school, in July 2019, as a digital administrative specialist. During her time in that role she helped with updating customer information on search engine listings. Shortly thereafter, she gained more responsibilities entering new customer information into the system. In 2020, Aylin took on OPTIMA™ Urgency tasks, including putting up customer’s Google Posts, entering customer responses to reviews on search sites, and adding holiday hours for businesses. Aylin continued to grow as well with training teammates virtually and helping test our new system in SugarCRM. She helped with new hires and brushing up on her own knowledge of OPTIMA™ as a whole.

Aylin has proven to be a valuable asset with the OPTIMA™ Fulfillment team, with high accuracy and excellent productivity. She has a natural drive to put forth 100% effort and is always willing to assist where needed. Since Aylin is bilingual, she has been called upon to help with Spanish-speaking customers for our OPTIMA™ Fulfillment, Customer Experience, Accounting, and Account Management teams. Helping translate for different teams within the company is something that Aylin will continue to do in her newly created role, further building her knowledge for all that AMP offers.  We look forward to watching Aylin continue to evolve personally and professionally with the company!”


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