PromotionsMar 29, 2021

Daniel Chavez promoted to Mentorship Manager — Central Region

Congratulations to Daniel Chavez on his promotion to Mentorship Manager — Central Region!

D-Money as we call him joined our AMP family on March 17th, 2020, the day before COVID-19 forced the State of Illinois to implement a stay at home order which resulted in our AMP having to delay starting new teammates in the sales field for an undetermined amount of time. Daniel held tight and was graciously and consistently updated by our amazing Recruiting Team. Big thank you to Nikki Bowman and our entire Hiring Team! Without this, we might not have had a Daniel that turned into D-Money. We do and we are a stronger AMP as a result. As our AMP field sales doors re-opened, Daniel came sprinting out on June 8th, 2020. He quickly adapted to his new career selling 11 GSV accounts and 2 OPTIMA with 88% POS in his inception month. As Daniel officially secured his onboarding, he turned to OPTIMA but never left his focus and consistency on selling GSV. This grand door-opener of a product is what Daniel kept getting stronger at while adding Optima. Becoming the king of GOPTIMA sales meant increased average sale while increasing total accounts! Currently, Daniel’s average sale is one of the highest in the organization thanks to his wide array of offerings and his willingness to sell through the yes to the no. One of the many great qualities about Daniel is his discipline of organization and planning. D-Money uses the sticky note on the dashboard system to keep track of his monthly sales goals and LTG to hit his stacker bonuses. He knows his exact numbers every single day and his total LTG and how much each bonus pays him. That’s Knowing Thy Numbers! Since adopting this system, D-Money has consistently hit each stacking bonus. Here are some of his sales months as he closed 2020 and started this new year;

  • September 2020 $15,269 in total sales with $14,239 Optima/Text
  • December 2020 $18,774 in total sales with $16,449 Optima/Text
  • January 2021 $17,043 in total sales with $15,548 in Optima/Text
  • February 2021 $15,233 in total sales with $13,043 in Optima/Text

March 2021 is shaping up to be the best month of his AMP career..

D-Money has an incredible work ethic, his attitude is super positive and he constantly reaches out to his Central-Strong teammates to lift them up, or have a fun daily sales contest, and ultimately keep learning and growing. This mindset and selfless spirit is what helps put the ‘er’ behind ‘Central-Strong.’ Daniel is also known for his eloquent articulation of our products in Spanish as he has helped countless teammates secure sales with that final connect and finesse. Daniel’s excellent organizational skills allow him to allocate time to pass on leads to teammates who are staffed in other AMP territories. Daniel shared with us his WHY recently and some of his Goals for this year, his WHY is to make enough money to take care of his beautiful mother and do nice things for her! One of his Goals for this year was to take a nice vacation to Mexico with his girlfriend Sylvia! We all get a good laugh and feel really good after having a conversation with D-Money. His work ethic and consistent selling inspire us all.

Here are a few notes from some of our Central-Strong leaders about Daniel Chavez:

Brian Franczak-Vice President of the Central Region

“Daniel is one of the most positive and supportive teammates one could have. As Raphael remarks in this great promotional write-up, Daniel showcases these great qualities on a daily basis. Daniel betters everyone around him, is extremely coachable and if ever a situation arises, he always approaches me or his peer leaders with solutions. Seeing the growth in Daniel from inception to this write up stands out and should stand out for all reading in our AMP family. Hard work, works! Daniel’s confidence grows each day, each week and each month. Today, Daniel is one of the most consistent performers we have and while his performance evolves, his humility and helpfulness echo this growth as well. For this and so many more reasons, Daniel’s inception to the leadership team is so well earned! Congratulations, Daniel!

Luke Wasowski-Regional Manager

“D-Money is always willing to help! He pursues sales with intent and has a knack for making people smile. Daniel has talked a lot about his goal to earn a post Covid vacation from his hard work. This is another step in the right direction! Daniel, keep up the great work and I’ll see you on the beach celebrating your PAA in 2022!”

Lindsay Sullivan-District Manager

“Daniel’s energy every time we have a coaching call is absolutely contagious! He is a true student of the game and has taken all advice given to him and immediately implemented it. It’s been so fun to watch as his numbers continue to climb each month! Congrats Daniel!”

Carlos Paz-Digital Assistant District Manager

“Watching Daniel’s evolution from his beginning with AMP up until now has been amazing! He is the part of South Chicago Digital that we didn’t know we needed, until he joined us. Daniel attacks the day and doesn’t stop until he gets a sale. He doesn’t know the word quit. He has the grit and determination to be one of the best in the business, and he continues to rise week after week, month after month. I’m proud to have him as a teammate, and I’m not surprised at all by this promotion. Congratulations D-Money! Well deserved sir”

Juan Almaraz-Digital Assistant District Manager

“Daniel always works hard and is totally focused in the sales field. When he has questions, he doesn’t just wait for the answer to arrive or pop out of somewhere, he calls me and picks my brain so that he can get the answer out of the way without hesitation. He is also always very upbeat and prepared for the day.”

Krysten Wharton-Senior Assistant District Manager

“Daniel has been a go-getter from day 1 in his AMP career. I loved the connects we would make about how eager and determined he was to help small businesses. Over the course of the last few months, it has been so exciting to watch his growth. The sky is the limit for Daniel, and I can’t wait to see all of the sues that is set to come his way.”

Devin Stukel-Digital Mentorship Manager

“Daniel began his journey with AMP in March 2020. After quarantine, Daniel busted out of the gate and was ready to play ball. There is no better way to test one’s strength and skill than being a sales rep during a global pandemic but Daniel made it happen. Daniel has sharpened his skills and is a valuable member of the AMP family where I see nothing but success in his future solely based on his high energy and positive nature. Dan is the man with the plan”

Dallas Fonner-Digital Assistant District Manager

“Daniel is as genuine as they come, he is never afraid to ask for help and is there for others whenever they need words of encouragement. I remember starting at AMP, Daniel was always (and still is) the first to congratulate me and others on the success chain. He is a true leader and his determination to help other reps and make sure they feel at home has always stood out to me. He has done an excellent job of setting goals for himself and does a great job maintaining those goals all while being the great leader that he is”

D-Money was born in Los Angeles, California, but grew up in Chicago. Growing up Daniel played little league baseball, football and basketball and he especially excelled in baseball as an all- star catcher. He played football and basketball throughout high school and loves all sports, which is why he loves the team aspect of AMP! D-Money attended Lincoln Technical Institute to become a mechanic. Prior to joining AMP D-Money worked in retail for several years with Menards and Home Depot where he was a manager for several departments. D-Money honed his sales skills by working as an outside sales rep in the home improvement industry.

Outside of work D-Money enjoys watching sports and he is a huge Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan. He enjoys spending time with his Mother and his girlfriend Sylvia. Daniel enjoys cooking, and he says that he makes the best chicken parmesan. Dancing, poker and working out are among his many hobbies.

Congratulations, Daniel, on this well-deserved promotion!

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