CareersMay 05, 2021

AMPlified Success: Leah Robertson

Meet Leah Robertson, Digital Senior Sales Representative, and read about her career journey at AMP.

My career at AMP started when I was looking for a new job in a new area in the midst of 2020. Covid-19 had shut down the gym and Physical therapy center I was working with and my husband had accepted a job that required us to move further south in Iowa. I knew that I wanted to be apart of a company that made a difference with a culture that not only encouraged it’s employees but also pushed them to be the best. I was excited to get out of my comfort zone and the amount of growth possible with AMP was something that was missing in previous positions I had. I applied for an outside sales position in Burlington, thinking that if I didn’t like it, it would at least give me a new experience. I interviewed with my now District Manager, Kyle and she sold me on the position and AMP as a company. She and I got along so well in that first interview and the ride along day, it was almost like I should’ve been apart of AMP a long time ago! I started with AMP on September 8th 2020 as an outside sales rep. Within my first two weeks I had sold my first shoot date, gotten trained on OPTIMA™ and was promoted to the Mentorship team. I had already been impressed by the culture of the company in just those first two weeks and they had followed through on all of the growth I was told about initially that was possible.

Since then I have be promoted to Senior Sales Rep and then into the Mentorship Manager position for Iowa East. I cannot thank AMP enough for creating a culture that brings together like-minded individuals who inspire, push and consistently expect the most of me, even more than I think is possible a lot of the time. I took the position hoping to grow, get out of my comfort zone and most importantly, make a difference in the communities I work in. Hearing the stories of the senior reps are so inspiring and now I get to add stories of my own. My family, both my husband’s side and my side of the family have more local and small business owners than not. I know how hard my family works to provide for their own families, their friends and to serve their communities. I love that I get to help people like them, with the same values and the same work ethic.

I am so thankful that AMP took a chance on me, with no sales experience, and gave me a chance to prove myself. One thing that AMP does so well and so different is the culture of the work environment. They promote from within, they coach you, give you the tools for success, and in turn they expect success because they want YOU to succeed. I think the one point I tell anyone who will listen to me talk about my job is that any time I need someone to talk to, my list of those I can reach out to, District or Regional managers, Vice Presidents and any of the higher level administration/officers is endless. They are all there for you, they answer all of your questions and they make sure you’re doing your best.

I am so thankful for my opportunity here at AMP. I am thankful that I get pushed everyday to be better than yesterday, last week or last month. I told my district manager that I needed help getting out of my comfort zone, and she helped me achieve exactly that. The person I am today is vastly different than who I was a mere 6-7 months ago when I started. If you told me where I’d be today with AMP when I started, I’d probably laugh, say “Yeah ok” and roll my eyes. The amount of growth I have experienced was more than expected but I wouldn’t change where I am now for anything, and I am so excited to see where I am in a year!


On Leah’s time at AMP, Kyle Tweeton had this to say:

“Leah has been a paramount addition to the Iowa region. She is always willing to go spend a day with a team member or stop to take phone calls to help others with questions or share experiences and wisdom. Leah is the official greeting party that welcomes newcomers to the region. Leah’s background in coaching and training makes her a great asset to help develop and train newer reps in the region. We expect big things from Leah!”



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