CareersMay 24, 2021

AMPlified Success: Aaron Young

Meet Aaron Young, Market Expansion Specialist for Missouri, and read about his career journey at AMP.

I’m a Boston, Massachusetts native. In September of 2019, I moved to Carmel, Indiana, as it was rated one of the best places in the country to raise a family. I took my wife and 3 children, packed a van, and headed 15 hours west, leaving everybody and everything we knew behind. Boom, Indiana! With the move from Massachusetts to Indiana, I had transferred with a restaurant that I had been working at for the previous five years. Long story short: it wasn’t working out financially in Indy. Luckily, one day Jaqueline Herrera reached out to me. We had a great conversation and set up a ride day. I loved my ride day! That’s when, for the first time I saw the opportunity to be at home when I need to be with my family. With AMP, I could make the money I needed so I could provide for my family. I had a passion for sales, and with a company leading cutting edge marketing for small business owners, AMP was perfect. January 7th, 2020 was my first day starting with Melany Rarey. 2 OPTIMA™ sales and a GSV sale later, I was born!

Now for you history buffs out there: COVID-19 shut everything down around March 27th, 2020. What I experienced at the start of COVID in late March to back in the field in May was a team of soldiers hitting the phones in April to produce a profitable month during the pandemic. Out in the field in May was one of my best months. For a company to succeed through all of that was truly inspiring.

Brian Franczak as a mentor, leader, and friend has helped guide me from Fishers to Kokomo, and all the way to Missouri. Through hard work and perseverance, Brian has placed block after block on our path to success and building a new market launch here in Missouri. Within my first year with AMP, I was able to educate myself on products and continue growing always — in all ways. Now, from Indiana to Missouri in my role as Market Expansion Specialist, I look forward to bringing a team from St. Louis to Kansas City. Providing the same opportunity that was given to me — an opportunity that has bettered my family’s lives.

On Aaron’s time at AMP, Luke Wasowski had this to say:

“Aaron AKA “Gronk” has been an incredible addition to our AMP family. He not only made a name for himself through his quick adaptation to our selling style but also through his leadership and incredible work ethic. Aaron has the mindset of a small business owner and I remember the first time I talked to him I was immediately impressed by his commitment and passion for this career path. He truly loves to make someone’s day and his genuine enthusiasm for life is contagious. AMP is a phenomenal place to work mainly because of people like Aaron who will move from Indiana to Missouri in order to help start a new market and chase a dream. He reminds me of the Michael Jordan quote: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.””



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