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AMPlified Success: Tim Gilroy

Meet Tim Gilroy, Print Mentorship Manager, and read about his career journey at AMP.

My career at AMP started in November of 2020 after I left a 14 year career in law enforcement.  My family and I decided it was time to make a change and I needed to find something else to do.  After searching on Indeed I came across AMP and decided to try my hand at sales.  Thankfully AMP took a shot on me as well.  After training I was ready to hit the ground running and I haven’t stopped ever since.

I’ve really enjoyed ride days with different team members and picking up on the different ways to sell our products along with the camaraderie that happens when two people drive around in a car together for 8 hours.  The thing I love most about this company is the support they offer.  Everyone is always ready to help in anyway they can, and that is something I’ve quickly grown to appreciate when starting a completely different career.

I don’t know what my future is of course, but I’m excited to see where this job takes me!  Thank you AMP for giving me a chance!

On Tim’s time at AMP, Jake Bettcher and Jane Brammer had this to say:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim side by side more than a few times. What can I say about Tim? He has made a huge presence in his short career here at AMP. I had recently worked with Tim on wrapping up the FESS project. And again in West Union which he just finished on his own. Tim has a huge personality and is very witty. He kept me laughing every time we worked together. But on a the serious side of Tim you will see a great work ethic, drive, uniqueness and integrity. Tim is a huge asset to AMP and I know he will keep succeeding!” – Jake Bettcher

“Tim was my ride day before he started. He was a police officer, working the night shift and hardly got to see his 2 young girls and his wife, he was looking for a career change. I told Tim that those girls were only going to be little once and if at all possible he should not miss it. Tim took a leap of faith and joined AMP. Since joining AMP he has gone from senior sales rep to the Mentorship Manager role. Tim is hard working and does what it takes to get the job done right. I am extremely so very proud to work with and be on the same team as Tim. I have done several training days with Tim, he is seriously one of the nicest – funniest guys I have ever worked with. Ride days with Tim are always a fun day, Tim is such a kid at heart. Congratulations Tim for all you have accomplished and I can’t wait to see you take this career to the highest!!” – Jane Brammer

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