CareersJun 16, 2021

AMPlified Success: Sabrina Skowron

Meet Sabrina Skowron, Senior Account Manager, and read about her career journey at AMP.

I have been with AMP for six months now and my journey so far has been amazing!

Before starting my career at AMP I was a student at the University of Iowa. I graduated with a BBA in Marketing and I also have a certificate in Leadership Studies. I have always been passionate about marketing and never thought I would end up in sales until I started talking to Alex Hogan. Alex reached out to me back in March 2020. We all know how crazy everything was around that time! Alex truly made me fall in love with the company! In June I got to shadow in the Iowa office where Whitney offered me the position. Right after my graduation in December I made my way to the AMP Schaumburg office. I started prospecting back in January of 2021 as an Associate Account Manager. My first ever sale was a double location Premium customer! From there I knew the possibilities were endless. This was extremely motivating for me and I quickly climbed the ladder and became a Senior Account Manager by March! I couldn’t have done without my manager Taylor. She is the best and truly believes in every single person on her team!

As a Senior Account Manager I have taken on more responsibilities and developing strong relationships with my customers. I have beat my personal revenue goal twice already and my biggest week three times! My favorite thing about AMP is that we are always learning. Each month you become a stronger rep and your goals get bigger. Every single rep on the team is helpful and supportive. In the future I would love to take on a leadership role at AMP! I have always envisioned this for myself and I can’t wait to see the opportunities that lie ahead.

On Sabrina’s time at AMP, Taylor Ward said this:

“It has been a pleasure to watch Sabrina grow personally and professionally within AMP! She is always eager to learn, take on new challenges and continues to push herself to be better each and every day! She sets high goals for herself and holds herself accountable for hitting these goals. My favorite memory with Sabrina was her first new business. She sold a double location premium new business to a tree service and chimney company! I knew right then and there that she would be a driving force within our DIS team. Sabrina, we’re so proud of everything you have accomplished and we cannot wait to see what personal and company records you will continue to break!”

written by:
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