PromotionsAug 09, 2021

Aaron Richardson Promoted to Assistant District Manager

Congratulations to Aaron Richardson on his promotion to Assistant District Manager!

In his new role, Aaron will be training and developing his teammates throughout the Central Region at least once a week! Aaron’s consistent success solo in the field along with his incredible training stats assisting his teammates as a Mentorship Manager is what made this an easy decision.

Just a few months ago, we recognized Aaron for earning a promotion to Mentorship Manager. He quickly built upon his leadership mindset and acquired the opportunity to conduct training days with teammates based on his personal selling success and ability to replicate our AMP training blueprint. Aaron continued to shine and bring a fire to Michiana and all of Central Region. From day one, Aaron has competed against himself in a battle to get better everyday. He set the bar high in his first 7 weeks in the sales field by selling 20 new print/Optima and achieving Senior Sales Rep Promotion much faster than our company-wide average. He’s now averaging $16,867 in total sales, 4.7 print new, 6.7 Optima and 18 unique accounts per month and is in the top 10 traditional reps in all of AMP!

The legend of “Shemp” is still unclear. We don’t know how Kevin Norton came up with the nickname for Aaron Richardson but he is bringing notoriety to it. In my last promotion announcement for Aaron I mentioned that Kevin was willing to put money on Aaron as a Rookie of the Year. I’m sure he wishes someone would’ve taken him up on that bet, because Aaron is our current front runner for Rookie of the Year for the traditional side of the business!

It probably is no coincidence that this promotion comes just a week after Aaron’s graduation ceremony where he proudly earned his MBA (focus in Marketing) that he had worked so hard for. The experience and training he had in the military built an incredible discipline to which he attributes his success. His personal and professional growth stems from keeping focused on his “why”. His family is what drives him and supports him; his fiancée Lazsher and kids Athena, Nikolai, and Noah motivate him everyday.

I can say working with Shemp has been an incredible experience. He’s appreciative, humble and passionate about winning! One of our priorities at the start of this year was building a successful team in Northwest Indiana and Aaron has played a vital role in doing that. This promotion to Assistant District Manager is exciting because it gives Aaron the opportunity to keep influencing more teammates in their AMP growth and to develop other leaders in the process.

Congratulations again on a well deserved promotion Aaron “Shemp” Richardson! We know you will make the entire region better with this enhanced leadership opportunity.

Congratulations, Aaron, on this well-deserved promotion!

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