Career SuccessJan 20, 2022

AMPlified Success: Val Schmidt

Meet Val Schmidt, Assistant District Manager for the North Region, and read about her career journey at AMP.

My career with AMP began when I was furloughed from my career of 15 years spent in regulatory compliance, training, and marketing. I wanted to be able to transition my skill set and knowledge to a new platform but still keep partnership and training key factors in what my next chapter would be. The first few months at AMP were amazing! The positivity and support at all levels of AMP are truly amazing and empowering.

My favorite thing about working at AMP is the support that everyone has for each other. It’s amazing that we all share successes and opportunities freely and openly to be the best we can be today and every day after. Some of my favorite memories that stick out over my time here are my mentorship days. I try to absorb everything from who I’m with those days. How they transition from one solution to another, how they utilize bandwagoning and endorsements and above all, how they tailor and mold each presentation to the specific customer to make them feel appreciated, heard, and supported. A huge mentor for me was Eric Sauld, he is an amazing mentor and support system! I feel like I am a better person knowing him.

My biggest motivation is helping people. When I meet with business owners and they share how we are making an impact in their lives, touching what they do and making it better, that motivates me. If I could give new reps any advice, it would be to be aware of the call back vortex — it’s easy to get sucked into. Keep your planned sales calls fresh and pepper in the callbacks. In all things I do, professionally and in my personal life, I live by the mantra “So what? Now what?” So something went really well, now what do I do to replicate that or expand on it? So what, something went sideways, now what do I do to have a different outcome and be better next time.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I have the opportunity to partner in the organization within a mentorship capacity and continue to partner with business owners. If I could leave everyone with one piece of advice, it would be that you never grow where you’re comfortable. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Stay positive, and stay excited!

On Val’s time at AMP, Eric Sauld had this to say:

“I met Val in August for her observation day and we hit it off from the jump.

She shared with me her professional background and tied in great questions about the work we do. Val’s resume speaks volumes, but after meeting her in person I just knew that this was the opportunity she was looking for. Fortunately for AMP, Val was also the candidate we were looking for.

In less than 4 months of knowing and working with Val, we have established strong connections with the Sheboygan community and surrounding area. Val is professional, relatable, and passionate about helping local businesses. There is a fine line between persistence and overwhelming our potential clients — volume of work is a determining factor in our success. With that being said, business owners appreciate Val’s honest work ethic and full transparency which has helped her build relationships quickly.

Each day, Val grows more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Even her series of unfortunate experiences with dogs will not keep her away from pet grooming businesses! She understands that her goals are usually unreachable from her comfort zone and she is committed to absorbing and applying all that she learns from each encounter. Revisiting the day I met Val, I was very excited to discuss our career opportunities beyond her initial role. In less than four months from our conversation she has accepted 2 promotions, establishing a very promising trajectory for her future with AMP.  Val has proven in a very short time that she was not only the candidate we were looking for, but she is the candidate we will continue to look for as we continue to grow AMP Stronger.”

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