Career SuccessOct 26, 2022

AMPlified Success: Adam Nnoli

Meet Adam Nnoli, Assistant District Manager of Olympia, WA, and read about his career journey at AMP.

At a young age I always enjoyed helping others, which truly developed even more when I got into digital marketing. During my second year in college I started my own social media marketing agency, where I helped local businesses expand their online presence via social media pages. This chapter in my life really helped develop the skills to connect with people from all walks of life and got me out of my comfort zone. When the opportunity at AMP presented itself, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

My start at AMP was definitely not a common one! Early on I got the exciting news that my District Manager, Austin Oppenheimer, was expecting baby Jack and would be out for two weeks of my onboarding process. Although a little nervous, I always loved a good challenge, and chose to hit the ground running!

My first day in the field, I received a call from Brian Franczak where he gave me some words of wisdom and told me, “if you fall on your face or the right words don’t come out, life still goes on and everything is a learning experience, take it and build yourself up with a smile on your face.” 

That moment changed my view point and I realized that no one is perfect at first, since experience is comprised of good and bad moments. Understanding that cleared some of the butterflies I had in my stomach and made it easier opening that first door handle.

My first month I finished with seventeen sales, and by that time Austin Oppenheimer was back. Under his tutelage, he truly helped shape me along my journey, and explained to me to always go after what I want, set goals, and never think with your own wallet.

Three months later we locked in a new personal record with over $40,000 in total sales, and shortly after I became an Assistant District Manager. Around this same time, I found out that Austin was moving back home, and although things were moving fast I understood that now more than ever, this was no time to slow down.

Presently, I am the sole representative of Washington, and my goal is to build a strong and solid team of like-minded individuals by the end of the year to truly put Washington on the map!

On Adam’s career at AMP, Austin Oppenheimer said:

“One thing I’ve always admired about Adam is his genuineness. He has a certain demeanor that can’t be taught in how he interacts with others! Adam started the day my wife and I had our first kid, and made a sale his second day in the field without any real field training. Right after, he sent a selfie of him walking down the sidewalk with a huge smile on his face. That tells you all you need to know about him!”

Luke Wasowski, Vice President of Sales for the Central Region, had this to say about Adam:

“It’s such a privilege to work with Adam “Holy Cannoli” Nnoli. One thing I recognized instantly with Adam is that he has the work ethic and enthusiasm for sustained success in our sale. He had a unique start with us when his district manager was out on paternity leave, but through his commitment to be a student of the game and absorb everything he could from our AMP University Training, he created incredible success!

Adam has a natural ability to connect with his customers with his big smile, genuine good character and willingness to help everyone he interacts with. Our Google Street View photographers, candidates that have spent a day in the field with Adam, and all his teammates in our office have heard how much his customers LOVE him. He makes everyone around him better and that is why he is on the fast track to leadership here at AMP!”

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