Career SuccessNov 15, 2022

AMPlified Success: Jared Capuson

Meet Jared Capuson, Content Marketing Team Lead, and read about his career journey at AMP.

My path of success at AMP began in April of 2021, when I was a bit down on my luck in the midst of a Covid-ridden spring. I was completing the second semester of my master’s program and living with my parents, trying desperately to find my first full-time job in arguably the most difficult job market in U.S. history. After 9 months of failed interviews and rejected applications, I got a call from an AMP recruiter about an open position in a newly established Marketing team. I am thankful every single day that I picked up the phone that evening.

I started as a Marketing Assistant in April of 2021. When I arrived in DeKalb on my first day, I was surprised to learn that I was now one of two members on the AMP Marketing team. I thought to myself, “Oh, this is a new new marketing team, I can’t wait to see what I can do here.” I connected with my co-worker, the wonderful Allee Marshall, who guided me through all things AMP and showed me the ropes in the early days. Allee was (and still is) an invaluable resource and a reliable friend who helped me learn quickly so that I could tackle any task that was thrown my way. Between creating blog posts, running maintenance on corporate websites, conducting email campaigns, and getting my hands in many other initiatives, I built my first layer of success at AMP.

The first major milestone I achieved came in the summer of 2021, just a few months after starting. My incredible mentor and boss, Megan Moser, presented me with an opportunity to shift over to OPTIMA™ Fulfillment to take on a monumental task that was merely a dormant project for three years prior to my arrival: OPTIMA™ Platinum Rich Content Websites. Megan, as well as other company leaders, had a vision for the OPTIMA™ Platinum program, and put their trust in me to help bring that vision to life. I worked tirelessly with our development team and vendor to create the OPTIMA™ Platinum Rich Content Website template to service to small businesses, constantly testing features, strategizing for improvements, and communicating with different teams to keep marching forward. After roughly 10 months of development, our template was ready to help small businesses across the nation. I was put in the position to demo the new website template to company leaders, train multiple departments in OPTIMA™ Platinum, and create the systems, processes, and overall workflow of the new service.

In February of 2022, we launched our OPTIMA™ Platinum Pilot. At this point, instead of being one of two members of a team, I was a one-man show creating every single OPTIMA™ Platinum website that was sold in the first few weeks. I also handled the internal communication, spoke with customers directly, and served as a company-wide resource for all things Platinum. Recording 61 sales in the first 4 weeks of the Pilot, it was clear that the Rich Content Websites were received well by our customers. Given the early success, we eventually grew our team to three full time Content Specialists, and for the first time I was placed in a leadership position to head the Content Marketing team.

I was promoted to Content Marketing Coordinator after I graduated with my master’s degree in May of 2022. My focuses turned to improving the OPTIMA™ Platinum service through various system enhancements and working closely with my team to develop their own unique skills. All of these efforts lead to increased success of the Platinum program and the delivery of higher quality websites. We saw sales jump from 61 after one month to 253 after three months, and pass 500 after six months. Today, we have sold OPTIMA™ Platinum to over 600 customers in just seven months, transforming the way small businesses market themselves in the digital space.

Most recently, I completed a nine-week leadership training course and was promoted to Content Marketing Team Lead. Now, I have increased my focus on my team to provide them opportunities to learn, grow, and unlock the full potential of their talents. Closing in on 2 years spent at AMP, I can confidently attribute my success to all of the amazing people I have met along the way. Whether it was Allee Marshall helping me to a strong start, Megan Moser providing constant coaching and opportunities, Kristin Bayle helping me solve complex problems I had never seen before, the people at AMP were the pillars of my success. Every account manager, sales rep, support specialist, Content Marketing team member, and other company member that I have worked with over the past year and eight months has taught me lessons and helped me achieve excellence. The same is still true today. I could not be more excited for the road ahead at AMP!

Megan Moser, Vice President of Product Fulfillment, said this about Jared’s career at AMP,

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jared from the start of his career at AMP. This has given me the opportunity to be inspired on a daily basis by his incredible work ethic, unrelenting belief in what’s possible, and continued pursuit of personal growth. In Jared’s time here, he has had an incredible impact on the organization and OPTIMA™ by spearheading the fulfillment of the Platinum program from its pilot stage into a full program offering. This initiative pushed Jared to gain insight into different aspects of our business, develop collaborative relationships with many leaders and team members, and maintain a “we’ll-figure-it-out” mindset. These feats were not easy to accomplish and Jared’s success is something he has worked hard to achieve. I am excited to see where his path will continue to grow at AMP.”

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