PromotionsNov 21, 2023

Caitlin Hampton Promoted to Senior Hiring Manager

Congratulations to Caitlin Hampton on her promotion to Senior Hiring Manager!

Caitlin joined AMP in May of 2023 with our Inside Sales team and transitioned into our Hiring Manager team in June. She has earned her promotion based on her work ethic, ability to connect with candidates, and her passion for our mission and how we impact local small business owners in their communities.

Caitlin graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Mass Communication & Digital Marketing. She has a love for both and always found herself with an ability to communicate with all different types of people easily. That ability has served her well in her Hiring Manager role and has pushed her to excel quickly. Before starting at AMP, she worked as a recruiter, a social media manager, and a professional chef. She ran her own small business for a number of years, called Cait’s Cook’s, where she was a private chef. She would cater events as well and specialized in creating healthier food options and vegan dishes.

After years of being a chef and operating in really tough kitchen environments, Caitlin was looking for a different role to transition into. Work/life balance was a top priority for her as well as a team atmosphere and an ability to help small businesses. Our Culture tab on the AMP website helped seal her choice in AMP as it does a great job of showcasing who we are as a company. She found her home at AMP and her work tugs at her passions. She is very adept at identifying talent and quickly connecting what they are looking for with the mission of AMP. She has brought on great talent in her time here, including Zai Swain who became her first $10k seller!

Caitlin was born and raised in Michigan and grew up in the West Bloomfield area of Detroit. She has a very tight-knit family and is very close to her parents, siblings, and extended family. She has an older sister, Erin, who lives in LA and has a career in branding. Her younger brother, Miles, graduated from art school and currently works in film & social media in Atlanta. Her Mom and Dad moved to Atlanta to join Miles, and Caitlin arrived shortly after! She grew up best friends with her siblings, and is happy to be close with so much of her family. They would have movie nights growing up, listen to music together, and attend their school activities. She lives with her boyfriend Matt, whose family runs a commercial alarm company in the area. Outside of work she enjoys cooking, especially making Korean dishes, movies & music, and of course spending time with her family.

Josh McGraw, Recruiting Team Manager, had this to say about Caitlin:

“Cait brings great passion and commitment to the work that she does as a Hiring Manager. She is genuine with her candidates and builds great connection. She asks great questions throughout her interviews and has a great ability to get the candidate to open up. She is a great leader on the team as well and is incredibly positive & encouraging to her peers. She is very active in our MatterMost chats and always cheers on others around her. Personally I always appreciate a great conversation with her around movies or music, even though her favorite MCU movie is Infinity War!”


Congratulations, Caitlin, on this well-deserved promotion!

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