Office Company Meeting Award Nominations & Voting – IT


Office Company Meeting Award Nominations & Voting

With recognition being an integral part of every Company meeting, we are kicking off voting on 4 different awards which are Department Employee of the Year Award, IMPACT Award, Manager of the Year Award, and Director of the Year Award! Details on the different awards and nomination form is listed below.

Department Employee of the Year Award

What is the Department Employee of the Year Award?

  • A coveted award earned by receiving the most votes from your peers in your department.

Qualities of a Department Employee of the Year nominee:

  • Arrives prior to the start of his/her scheduled shift and is organized, efficient and works with a sense of urgency
  • Demonstrates a positive, pro-active attitude toward his/her responsibilities, the company, co-workers and management
  • Offers suggestions for improvement and consistently demonstrates a high level of quality work
  • Embraces evolution and assists others with adapting to change
  • Graciously accepts accolades for successes, but also humbly takes accountability for mistakes/errors
  • Works collaboratively with teammates not only in his/her department, but also other departments as well


What is the IMPACT Award?

  • An Award to recognize a member of the AMP Operations family who has had a profound IMPACT on AMP over the course of the recently completed year.

Qualities of an IMPACT Award nominee:

  • Someone who is not afraid to challenge “the way we have always done things” at AMP and asks the necessary questions to initiate needed change;
  • Someone who has had a positive influence on AMP culture, both in their department and for the overall company;
  • Someone who continues to make a positive contribution to AMP by repeatedly stepping up and taking on new initiatives and/or challenges and viewing them as an opportunity to learn and grow with AMP;
  • Someone who gives his/her “ALL” each and every day and who inspires the people around him/her to want to be a better version of themselves.

Complete the form below to cast your nominations!



Office Company Meeting Voting & Nominations - IT

Department Employee of the Year Award


Manager of the Year Award

Director of the Year Award