Marketing Fulfillment Senior Manager.

Marketing Fulfillment Senior Manager
Last updated: 10/28/2020

Marketing Fulfillment Senior Manager

American Marketing & Publishing is a national leader in providing effective and affordable local visibility services to family-owned businesses.  We’ve been growing consistently, one client conversation after another, for 23 years.  In that time, we’ve been designated a Grow with Google High Impact Partner, become the largest Google Street View Trusted Agency in North America, and have been recognized as one of only 71 Google GMB Featured Partners in the world.

We are headquartered in DeKalb Illinois, and true to our roots working with local businesses, we think of ourselves as a “people company” rather than just a tech company.  Culturally, we are a team of hardworking, supportive individuals with a deep regard for the small business owners who are clients.  We’re proud to serve them at the lowest rates in our industry, and we can point to the efficiencies we drive and the goodwill we create with our clients as the underpinnings of our success.

The Online Visibility, Content and Messaging Services Manager will be responsible for the successful onboarding, early engagement, and successful customer service experience of AMP’s new and continuing online visibility customers.


Principal Responsibilities:

  • Lead three departmental managers and a growing team of 24 onboarding, data verification, messaging, and content management specialists.
    • Foster a team culture rich with professional growth opportunities that align with the rapidly growing needs of AMP
    • Scale up the team consistently to meet a growing revenue and customer base.
  • Maintain a strong, positive team culture of high personal accountability, quality, efficiency and excellent customer service to small business customers.
  • Measure and achieve daily and weekly team performance and service benchmarks in order to manage the productivity, accuracy, speed, and quality of work performed by hourly data-entry and content management specialists
  • Initiate new processes, integrate new workflows, and develop new reporting protocols to solve problems or expand on opportunities to deliver better service
  • Personnel management, including interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training new team members, and administering performance improvement plans and other critically important employee development and human resources functions
  • Oversee dedicated and seamless support of Field and Inside sales teams
  • Proactively adjust policy, workflow, product features, and fulfillment processes in order to be responsive to changes at platforms or search sites that impact AMP services

Required skills:

  • Demonstrable success in managing administrative personnel, managers, and teams to strong results.
  • Familiarity with and high regard for sales processes and the demands, concerns, and requirements of sales representatives.
  • Comfort with performance benchmarking in a time sensitive and urgent media deliverables environment
  • Expertise in data management, data utilization, and data analysis, without the assistance of others.
  • A background in marketing, social media, or content management is preferred, but not required.
  • Ability to initiate, research, trial, and recommend solutions or new opportunities
  • Capacity and willingness to work long hours
  • High personal adaptability, and capacity to lead team members through change
  • Process-oriented thinker who has rapidly scaled administrative or operational functions in a previous role

Reports to:         Chief Operating Officer

Compensation notes:     $70-75K base salary and substantial performance bonuses totaling $85K




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