Featured Partner for Google My Business (GMB)

American Marketing & Publishing Named a Featured Partner for Google My Business (GMB)

American Marketing & Publishing, a national leader in assisting small businesses with their online visibility, listings presence management, and reputation management, is proud to announce its recognition by Google as a Featured Partner for Google My Business (GMB). This distinction recognizes a small number of tech platforms and digital advertising agencies worldwide who provide valuable services to the local merchant community with a high level of quality and client service. The Google My Business Featured Partner collaboration enables AMP to quickly and easily assist local business owners in establishing, enhancing, and managing their official business listing on Google My Business, and has automated that process for small business owners on a professional, do-it-for you basis.

AMP has helped tens of thousands of local businesses develop a highly visible, credible, attractive, and engaging online presence at a low cost. The AMP local visibility program, OPTIMA™, helps independent businesses win clients at that critical moment when search results are returned by building deep and accurate listings content for them, with a focus on authentic, attractive, on-site imagery and consumer reviews that tell an accurate story of the credibility of the business.

“Having a strong online listings presence is becoming critically important to family owned businesses,” said Joline Staeheli, a co-founder of AMP. “Before customers ever make it to your website, they’re choosing between multiple competitive nearby listings. Making sure that your listings are accurate, that they’re attractive, and that you show up visibly in the business listings results on all search sites should be the single most foundational and essential priority for a local business in today’s advertising environment. We’re pleased that our partnership with Google My Business enhances our ability to help deliver on that priority at Google Search and Google Maps for our hard working small business clients.”

Google My Business is a free tool for large and small businesses and organizations to manage their presence across Google, including Search and Maps. For small businesses where the owner oversees every aspect of the day-to-day management, local marketing risks being overlooked or under-managed. Our OPTIMA™ program provides practical assurance that business listings, customer reviews, and current, attractive imagery will be consistent, professional, and visible across all of the most influential consumer search sites. As a key part of the OPTIMA™ program, all AMP clients are paired with a dedicated Account Manager who performs the work to ensure the client’s success.

About American Marketing & Publishing, L.L.C.

AMP is a hands-on, service oriented, tech-enabled digital agency focused on serving the unique needs of independent business owners. It’s our mission to help America’s family owned businesses advertise effectively and inexpensively in an increasingly complex local advertising marketplace. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in DeKalb Illinois, we’re proud of our deep roots in local, small town publishing, and we’re pleased to have become one of the largest Google Street View Trusted agencies in North America and to have recently been recognized as a Grow with Google High Impact Contributor.