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Whether it’s unique specialty dishes, upscale and new-age cuisine, or classic hometown diners, we partner with each restaurant to showcase their individual charm.


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Reward Your Best Customers

Your most loyal customers—those that come back week after week, year after year—make up the core of your business and provide valuable word of mouth advertising. Use CloseBy® Text Marketing to show your gratitude with special deals and discounts, and keep them informed of your special events and promotions.

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Invite your customers INTO your restaurant online

Familiarizing your customers with your restaurant online using a Google Street View Trusted virtual tour can dramatically increase the likelihood that customers book a reservation.



Riverside Chocolate Factory
Brad Deibler
One benefit to OPTIMA™ is that when you are not present every hour of the day customers let us know how our employees are doing. We feel reviews are all good even when people have a bad experience, they help us learn and we do not take comments personally. The biggest plus, is in this age of information at our fingertips OPTIMA™ helps bring new faces to our business. Advertising on radio or in the newspapers can be helpful; but the truth is it’s of greater importance what the customers have to say about our businesses that helps people make a choice to come visit us.
Angry Bull Steak House
Kenn Petersen
OPTIMA™ takes great care of us, checking in and making sure all of our online information is up to date. My favorite part of the program is our review notifications. As a restaurant we get a lot of reviews and OPTIMA™ makes it easy to keep up with them, and respond to them. When I submit a response to a review to my account manager she makes sure it gets posted right away.
Sal Vitale and Sons Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
Sal Vitale
OPTIMA™ and AMP have done so much for my business and it really works. From my website, SEOs and now my Google Street View Tour, everything is done in one place which makes it less confusing. I really like the new OPTIMA™ Premium website because it is up to date and more modern then it was before. I get all my reviews sent to my email so we can reply right away so my customers know I appreciate them. I really am happy with everything American Marketing & Publishing provides.
Big Grove Brewery
Andrew Mitchell
Our Brewpub is visited by many local and out of town customers. It is important for us to always know what our reviews are online. We love that OPTIMA™ sends us an email when reviews are written and our account manager reaches out to help us write responses.
Riverview Roadhouse
Michelle Carstens
I appreciate the fact that with the photos and the website that you have helped us create, the potential customer is able to look and see exactly what we are all about. It has helped us hear back from them on what we are doing right and to help us correct what might not be working for us.

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