AMP Timeline.

Ours is a story of hard work and good value delivered. It’s also a record of consistency, innovation, and longstanding client relationships based a shared mission of serving independent business owners exceptionally well.

Brothers Abe and Adam Andrzejewski join together to found American Marketing & Publishing LLC to provide a convenient and affordable option to small businesses in local rural and exurban communities in the Chicagoland area. First Illinois HomePagesⓇ Directory is published: Fox River Grove. First Indiana HomePagesⓇ is published: Lowell.


First sales training of 5 employees. Office on Main street in Wauconda, IL opens.


Move to Dekalb, IL location and the start of internal design and production department.Publish 32 directories.


US Patent and Trademark Office designates HomePages® a registered trademark. Company experiences 59% growth in revenue. Abe’s son Michael Andrzejewski takes his first steps in office pushing a postal crate.


Publishes 44 directories with year over year total revenue growth of 75%


83% growth while publishing over$5M in revenueYellow pages industry grows at just 3%.


Company moves into permanent home at 915 East Lincoln Hwy., DeKalb, IL. Firm grows to over100 employees and publishes 83 directories Wisconsin market opens with Sun Prairie Publication.


Milwaukee Market Opens.


Indianapolis market opens, company publishes 132 directories with
over 1.6M in circulation


Achieves 42,000 ads sold with 2M in circulation.


Iowa Market Opens.


Kentucky market opens.


Minnesota, Nebraska, and Tennessee markets open. Sales Rep of the Year Cory Murphy breaks
$500K in personal sales.


Launch of CloseBy® Text Marketing Platform and sales.
Michigan market opens.


1M text messages per month
on CloseBy® Platform. Company doubles text sales over previous year. Adds 67 new directories.


HomePages® Directories
circulation reaches 4.3M.


Launch of OPTIMA™ (Online Presence + Information Management Assistance), selling more than
2000 customers
in first 8 months of service. Published 478 separate directories. Sales rep of the Year Cory Murphy breaks $1M in total personal sales.


270% increase
in OPTIMA™ revenue. Launch of virtual tour services and recognition as a Google Street View Trusted Agency, with over 1,500 virtual tour clients served.


(More than doubled) Virtual Tour customers and revenue in just second year.


Launch of exclusively Digital Teams in Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and Kentucky.


Inside Digital Development Team launches in Schaumburg. The Arizona, and Western Illinois All-Digital Teams launch. Michael Andrzejewski returns to the office as a Digital Photo Editor.


Google designated AMP as a Google Featured Partner for Google My Business.
One of only 71 such agencies worldwide.

AMP recognized by Google as a High Impact Partner with the Grow with Google program.

AMP becomes the largest Google Street View Trusted Agency in North America based on volume of 360-degree panoramic tours shot and published in 2019.

Florida market opens.


    Year of turbulence, chaos, and extraordinary effort!

    With masks on and elbow bumps replacing handshakes, AMP’s resilient team proved that even a global pandemic won’t hold us back. During 2020 we increased overall and per person sales and importantly sold an astounding 32.5% more OPTIMA™ than 2019.  Our results show we’ve never been a more important partner to our customers: More than 355,000 four and five star reviews aggregated; 12.2 million phone calls delivered to our clients from Google alone; 6.2 million clicks for map directions from Google alone; and tens of millions of text messages delivered, and website views, In July 2020 we launched OPTIMA™ +Social expanding our do it for you marketing services to social media sites.


    Product & Market Expansion

    AMP Video™ and OPTIMA™ +Video launch.

    31% growth in digital product sales.


    Platinum OPTIMA™ Launches

    Ohio/Michigan Digital Inside Sales Team is established in Toledo, Ohio.

    Pennsylvania market opens.