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Reputation is everything in the auto sales and auto repair industry. We’ve spent two decades serving the critical advertising needs of thousands of dealerships and auto repair shops. Our products are designed to get you in front of new customers and to highlight the years you have invested in your building your reputation , so you can continue to grow.


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Great marketing is not just about being found online anymore. Now it’s all about what customers find—reviews, pictures, services, hours, etc. OPTIMA™ is designed for busy business owners like you. Being proactive and responsive with your online presence is critical to maintaining your reputation, but most business owners lack the time or resources for a marketing manager. That’s why every OPTIMA™ client has a dedicated account manager included as a part of the low yearly rate. Our experienced, helpful, supportive staff is here to do this for you.


Connect With Your customers

Your customers check their phones an average of 150 times day and read texts within 3 minutes. Are you connecting with your customers through text reminders to winterize their car, perform routine maintenance, or inform them of specials and discounts? What about when new models come in when trade in values are high, or you have blow-out prices on old models? Text marketing is convenient, easy, and on demand.



Kroll Auto Sales
Adam Kroll
The OPTIMA™ program has helped my business so much. I use their reputation management program to get more positive reviews online. If you ever need anything, your account rep is always available to help out. I highly recommend this program.
Witty's Muffler and Alignment
Marita Lile
I am now in my second year with OPTIMA™! I enjoy every single part of my Comprehensive program. In Auto Repair, reviews are very important to us and we get so many! One of my favorite parts of the program is the email alerts I receive with all of my reviews. It can be such a hassle to log into every single search engine and respond to my positive reviews, but OPTIMA™ makes my life so much easier by notifying me of all reviews in one spot! By entering the email I am able to respond to my Google and Yelp reviews on one platform. Thank you OPTIMA™ for making my business not only look great online, but for making my life as a business owner easy to keep up with the positivity that flows through my business listings.
Hayes Auto and Truck Repair
Billy Hayes
I am a simple guy and I like simple things! I have been using CloseBy® Text Marketing for OVER two years & I love it! My account manager makes everything so SIMPLE for me! She calls me with really awesome ideas that are relevant to my business; I love that she cares so much about my successes! I love when I see my text messages come across my cell phone, they are always witty, cute, and appealing! I can honestly tell you that out of ALL the marketing & advertising I have EVER done for my business CloseBy® text marketing has generated me the most revenue! Business is typically slower in January & February for auto repair. My account manager called me and we discussed my business, traffic flow and what types of jobs I want to get it. We came up with an offer to send out and BOOM a text appears within minutes on my cell phone! I usually receive phone calls within the hour of a text message being sent out, my customers love the deals and think the messages are funny! (I take credit for the fun sayings in the text messages but that is really all my account manager). We came up with an offer for $15 OFF $100, $30 OFF $200 or $45 OFF any services totaling $300 or more I had OVER 6 people come in generating me over $2000 in business! The text program typically brings in a minimum of $1000-$2500 per month in business for me. I love that the text program gives me INSTANT results! Due to my account manager doing such a great job with the text program I signed up for Online with OPTIMA™ and Google Street View. It is amazing to have all of my advertising with American Marketing and Publishing. My CloseBy® and OPTIMA™ account managers work so well together, I talk to one to come up with ideas for the month and she tells the other! Then they get content online for me! It’s AMAZING that they make my life easier by working together! I will never drop any of my services with American Marketing & Publishing. Thank you for truly believing and caring about Small Business Owners.
Minooka Collision Center and Towing, Inc.
Dave Parini
The HomePages® directory is a great local telephone directory. The size of the book is so convenient that most people keep an extra book in their car. I can't tell you how many cars come into my shop with a copy of the Homepages in it! The small investment in the homepages advertising has more than paid for itself.
Leclaire Auto Body
Josh Neilson
OPTIMA™ has brought nothing but more customers to us! We have had customers come from out of town that have had car troubles and found us first on Google and Yelp. We are generating several reviews and I love how they are always placed on my website. I hadn't realized how important reviews can be for us.

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