Our Mission.

We are 350 hardworking individuals, helping tens of thousands of independent businesses to advertise effectively and inexpensively in their communities.


When we work with a client, we have one goal: Make sure our customer wins the call whenever a local consumer has a need, and begins to search.

We provide effective online guidance and great service
We are the trusted, back office partner to thousands of business owners when it comes to developing, maintaining, and effectively managing their online listings, website content, imagery, social postings, videos and reviews.

We’re consistent, and we’re adaptive
Twenty six years ago, we started with just one phone book. Fifteen years later we became the largest publisher of community-specific telephone directories in the nation. In the eleven years since then, we’ve become a fully integrated digital agency and a developer of wholly-owned ad tech solutions that are sold by great people and supported by best-in class teams of responsive service specialists.

We’re growing steadily
We became a Google Street View Trusted Agency in 2015, and we have rapidly become one of the largest such agencies in North America. Our OPTIMA™ Listings Presence Management solutions have achieved combined annual growth of more than 30% each of the past four years. We’re proud to have notched 45 straight months of topline sales growth.

We’re good partners
We’re proud of the fact that many of our very first customers from 1997 are still clients, and we take seriously our work of providing the best people in the community — hard working business owners — with the best local advertising solutions in the industry.