Glassdoor Top CEO

Glassdoor, a fast-growing job and recruiting site promotes transparency in the recruiting process by soliciting employee reviews on the hiring, interviewing and salary process as well as overall company and CEO approval ratings.

As a family owned business we take employee feedback and a positive company culture very seriously and use this information to continue to improve. Our founder and CEO, Abe Andrzejewski, began AMP from a passion to serve small businesses like the realty company his father started, into an innovative print and digital advertising company across with offices in 11 states. He meets and speaks with every new class of reps that we train and still heads to the sales field to meet with small businesses and sales reps to make sure that we never lose sight of our mission. Employees know how much he cares about them, the businesses we serve, and products we sell. His recognition as a Glassdoor “Top CEO” reflects the energy, passion, and shared same of mission he brings to the company every day.