SolutionsAug 16, 2018

How Text Changes the Game for Retail

Are you a brick and mortar retailer looking to capture the interest of your walk in customers? With so much online competition in retail, you know the importance of positioning your business as more convenient, more helpful, and more accessible than online options. Your business is down the street, does not require shipping, customers can see, touch and try out before they buy. CloseBy® Text Marketing puts your business on your customers’ phone making you top of mind when they consider a purchase. You can remind them of seasonal offerings, great discounts, upcoming sales, and of course items they forgot they needed. You control text marketing: what message gets sent, when it gets sent, and who gets it. CloseBy® Text Marketing allows you to create business on demand and with precision during slower times.

After you sign up for the program, we help you understand the step by step process of building your list of customers. It is fun for customers and your staff, and we have helped thousands of businesses create loyalty lists of customers who want to know what you are offering. Our dedicated account managers will share tips and best practices to help you create the list and then assist with crafting your message to be specific, timely, and keep your customers engaged–and referring you to their friends. Change the game and start reaching customers through CloseBy® Text Marketing today.

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing