Company UpdatesDec 14, 2018

Leadership Development Program – LDP

Whether you are new to the company or a long time veteran, in an operations role or working in sales, all are welcome at the Leadership Development Program ( LDP) hosted 4 Saturday mornings each year in our Dekalb, IL headquarters.


Usually based around a book or a theme, AMP employees come together to hear a presentation, share great stories and struggles, to ask questions and get advice. The room is always full of positive people looking to grow both personally and professionally.  We believe that the mingling of different perspectives from top sales people to support specialists, from the CEO to IT Developers keeps our company culture dynamic.

Though they may not remember the book, many employees reference their attendance at LDP as a turning point in their career or personal life helping them to move forward in a new way.

The meeting is always completely voluntary. SO if you are ready to listen, laugh, share, and be a part of something bigger than just yourself, we’d love to see you at our next leadership development program

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