Career SuccessFeb 25, 2019

Find Your Fit.

As you make the leap into the workforce after graduation, are you thinking about starting your career in sales?


Here at AMP we offer business to business sales with the stability of a 20 year old company combined with the growth, innovation and opportunity of a startup. Our products are cutting edge and are designed to fit the strategic needs and price point of our market.

Our employees have studied a range of subjects, from communications and marketing to flight operations and health care administration. We hire people that have a strong combination of attitude and work ethic. Our hires go through a hands-on training to be successful for themselves and our customers. We believe that our hard work must be recognized and generously complimented by plenty of fun!

We pride ourselves on having a team of leaders that earned their positions by excelling at the roles they now manage. 2 out of our 3 Sales VP’s, 6 Directors and District Managers began with AMP as their first job right out of college.

Our culture is one focused on HELPING — not only the customers we serve but also the communities we live in and the employees we work with. We are culturally committed to working very hard, living our very best possible lives, and driving very serious success for our customers, ourselves and our company.

AMP is a place where hard work and ambition thrive, creating lasting growth to help you achieve both personal and professional goals.

If you are looking to start on a level playing field with an opportunity to begin to live your best life, to be recognized for your achievements and be financially rewarded for your work—you have found your fit.

written by:
American Marketing & Publishing