Company UpdatesFeb 28, 2019

CEO 1st Quarter Message – Bring The Spring!

This is a great time to be leaning forward at AMP!

We’ve battled through the two toughest months of our year weather-wise, with snow days, near snow days, or weather related “slow-days” where it’s more of a battle than it typically is to get to our desks or to get to our sales territory.

It’s hard to imagine right now, but next month there’s a good chance that birds will be chirping as the sun comes up in the morning, and that the snow will be completely in retreat and green grass will beginning to edge up where snow piles used to be!  As winter begins to break and as February becomes March, the business world starts to unthaw and come out of hibernation as well.  Business owners are itching to capture more customers, and service providers who rely on decent weather to do their work are today hungry for calls and clients.  This is indeed a season where advertising and improved visibility are paramount, and where a call from a sales person with a good solution is going to be met with a receptive audience.

As we start March, let’s keep it at the forefront of our minds that the particular types of advertising we offer family owned business are THE MOST IMPORTANT forms of advertising.  Unlike advertising companies that sell billboard advertising or newspaper advertising or direct mail the advertising we sell is seen at an absolutely critical juncture.  Only when a consumer has made a decision to purchase something do they turn to a HomePages® Directory or to the internet to decide WHO to spend their money with.  You never do a “near me” search on your mobile phone or find yourself in the back of a telephone directory without first deciding that you’re nearly ready to buy.  Almost all the advertising we sell – OPTIMA or HomePages® or GSV – is presented at the precise moment that intention becomes selection.  Google calls this five second period in time when dollars are directed based only on what the consumer is looking at as the “Zero Moment of Truth.”  It describes the moment in time when presence, visibility, and credibility are key.  It describes what we sell, and why our products are so important to our hard working small business clients.

Now is our time to make a huge difference to those clients. As the weather starts to sane up and wallets begin to open up, let’s BRING THE SPRING!

written by:
Abe Andrzejewski