Career SuccessMar 06, 2019

AMPlified Success: Raphael Weaver

“I joined the AMP family in January of 2018 and quickly found success at AMP but I also found something much more than I was expecting…”

I joined the AMP family in January of 2018 and quickly found success at AMP but I also found something much more than I was expecting. I found that AMP is like a family, everyone is so supportive and eager to help you succeed. AMP invests in their employees by offering ongoing training, all of the tools that we need to succeed, opportunity for growth and promoting from within. Abe’s passion is contagious! He knows everyone’s name! There are not many companies where the CEO is sitting beside you in a training class, or calls you on your cell phone to say “Great work!.” It really pumps me up and makes me even more proud to work for AMP.

I graduated from Southeast College of Technology in Memphis, Tennessee where I majored in Travel and Tourism. I landed my 1st job as a corporate travel consultant before graduating, where I booked airline, car rental and hotel reservations for business travelers. After working there for 4 years and I eventually opened my own travel agency and ran that business for 3 years. Later I entered the world of advertising sales selling digital products for over 6 years and working in TV and radio for nearly a decade.

I was contacted by an AMP Hiring Manager regarding a sales opportunity and at the end we scheduled an interview with the District Manager. When I first met Luke Wasowski, I was very impressed with the success he achieved at AMP. I even remember saying to myself, I want to be in a leadership role like Luke. After the interview, we scheduled an Observation Day with a current Sales Representative so that I could experience a day in the field. It was a great day and later that day Luke he offered me the position, which I gladly accepted.

Reading about the history of AMP and learning about how Abe, the CEO, started the business was really impressive to me. I really believe in the products and services that AMP offered to small businesses. The family culture, opportunity for growth and promoting from within was what I was looking for in my next career.

The most important part of my job is being out in the sales field selling shoulder to shoulder with my teammates or selling solo and leading by example. I enjoy being out in the field with my teammates, helping them make sales and helping businesses grow. Training, developing, and selecting talented, hard-working people is very important as well.

I’m very proud of being recognized for leading Southeast Chicago in OPTIMA sales—I’ve been recognized as one of the top rookies and one of the top digital reps in the company. I was promoted to Senior Sales Representative, Digital Closer, and now to Digital Division District Manager. All of this came from hard-work, ambition, and listening to and interacting with my brilliant leaders.  They noticed me, taught me, motivated me, and believed in me.

I am often asked what success means to me. Success for me is when you have goals, and you work really hard and achieve your goals. Success for me is also helping others achieve their goals. 

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