Career SuccessJun 04, 2019

May AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Michael Swope

There was an overwhelming vote this month for Michael Swope! 

Michael has been an invaluable addition to the IT Team!  He is always ready and willing to talk through or look at any issue that arises.  Even though we know how busy he is, he never seems too busy to help.  He is on top of any ticket and maintains a positive attitude even when we just stop him as he walks by (which happens often!).  There is no way that the iPads would be managed near as successfully without his wealth of knowledge and easy-going approachable nature.  Michael is especially helpful when it comes to working with our Sale Reps throughout the organization.  He is always happy to take a call and communicates effectively within the office and the sales field – which is no easy feat!

We feel strongly that in his short tenure with AMP he has made a lasting impact on the employees and the overall success of the company!

Congratulations Michael on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

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American Marketing & Publishing