Career SuccessAug 08, 2019

July AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Colleen Francis

Colleen has been an incredible addition to the team out in Schaumburg, a fluent liaison for Sales Support and an overall asset to the company as a whole.  She is so easy to communicate with and is always prompt with responses.  She recently worked closely with Jill and Amanda on revamping/revising the training materials for the new hires and was instrumental in completing that daunting task.  There are always things that can get lost in translation between a sales team and an office team and Sales Support prides itself on being able to communicate effectively in those circumstances.  Colleen is just another extension of that and we appreciate her so much for aiding us in many back and forth communications with the Schaumburg sales team. We always hear the team out there singing her praises as well.

Colleen really deserves to be recognized for all her efforts over not just the past month, but the past several months!

Congratulations Colleen on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

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