Company UpdatesAug 22, 2019

CEO 3rd Quarter Message – Positive Sense of Urgency in the air this Fall season

It’s hard to believe that we have only four full months left in the year!

I love it when school starts and the stadium lights stay on in the cooler evening air, when the sun starts setting a little earlier with a blaze of color, and when the world gets back to an orderly and business-like early fall rhythm.

This is the time of year when our business owner clients start to look at the goals they set when the year was young and begin to evaluate whether they’re on track to do what they planned do when 2019 was young.  For all living creatures, the end of summer and the start of fall puts a positive sense of urgency in the air.  This is the season to get things done, to put in extra hours, to improve things that need to be fixed, and to build on good work that has already been accomplished.  As our CEO, I feel that very same sense of urgent fall energy.

It’s a good feeling to be lined up mentally with our clients like that.  Ask any independent business owner what one thing will improve their business, and they’ll tell you “More good customers!”  If you ask the vast majority of businesses what three areas of their business that they have been intending to fix, improve, spend time on, or get more focused about, nearly every business owner will list among those top three areas “I need to put some thought and effort into my marketing!”

At AMP, our work directly impacts a client’s acquisition of “More good customers!”  In fact, the one thing that all of our products have in common is their influence at the very Moment of Truth when a spending decision is being made.  Our work is seen when?  At the moment shopping becomes spending.  At the moment when intention turns into selection.  When a consumer types in a “near me” search, and it turns up a highly visible, highly credible listing with positive reviews and attractive photos, that content is highly directive on which business wins the call.  When a consumer handles a HomePages® and turns to the back of it, they’re doing it only because a few seconds later they intend to be calling someone with whom to spend money.  We sell the last content – and the most influential and persuasive content – that a consumer sees before they select a particular business.

We view it as our mission to help our customers “put some thought and effort into their marketing.” A client who teams up with us can cross that long neglected, well-known, but repeatedly avoided item off their list of improvements to make in the final four months of the year. Our professional, we-do-it-for-you approach makes a comprehensive local marketing upgrade easy, and the results are often dramatic. That makes this an incredible time to be selling marketing and advertising.

As summer turns to fall, let’s work with a positive sense of urgency, sell and help with a sense of purposeful service, and move closer to the accomplishment of our personal goals and objectives. 

written by:
Abe Andrzejewski