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August AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Jennifer Elshoff

Multiple teams wanted to share their praises for Jen and her incredible work, read more below!

From Team Schaumburg:

“Jen has been a key asset to Team Schaumburg on everything accounting related. Team Schaumburg calls Jen numerous times a day and she is always extremely patient and helpful. She is known in the office as our “Go To” resource and is very understanding! Also, she helps us create positive experiences with our business owners which is incredibly important!  Jen is very patient with new reps coaching them on payment plans, past due balances and program details. Jen is very timely, and if she doesn’t know the answer right away she will quickly find a solution.  We’re very grateful that we get to work every closely with Jen!”

From Team Sales Support:

“Jen is an incredible asset to the office, sales support team and sales field.  She is relentlessly helpful, knowledgeable, patient and kind.  She is an easy go-to in the Accounting department for any questions that reps have.  Not only does she always have the answers, but she has a way of explaining things so that whoever she is speaking to can understand.  She never hesitates to take a call from a sales rep and is always positive and helpful.  The Sales Support team is always hearing wonderful things from the reps about her also, which speaks volumes to Jen’s caring and approachable nature.  When a rep is calling with an accounting question, there are many times that they are already frustrated before anyone even answers the phone.  Jen is sensitive to this and easy to talk to which just makes our jobs that much easier.  Jen is also super quick in her responses whether we have a simple accounting question or a specific payment issue.  Sales Support loves this because our reps are always in a hurry and want an immediate response/fix for their problem.  Jen is so understanding of that and has been an invaluable asset to our team!  We appreciate her so much and think she is definitely deserving of Employee of the Month!”

Jen has had a huge impact at AMP and we really appreciate all of her hard-work and dedication!

Congratulations Jennifer on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

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