Company UpdatesOct 23, 2019

CEO 4th Quarter Message – Racing to the Finish of 2019

Our year is flying by!  It was now a couple weeks ago that we finished an incredible September with the largest month of digital sales we’ve ever had (a 64.5% increase over last September).  Now we’re looking at Halloween and we are racing to the end of October… and the 2019 calendar year.

Races are always won at the finish.  Whether you’re a kid in a race or an adult who runs at peak capacity at work, what we always anticipate and look forward to is the last lap, the last curve, and the final straight-away.  We are RACING to conclude 2019 strong at AMP.  We are two and a half months from finishing a great year where we’ve grown substantially, developed personally, and evolved effectively and in a practical manner as a business.  It’s a good feeling and as we come into the last lap over the weeks and months ahead we’re going to be focused on three things:

  1. Achieving our sales goals – personally and as a team. In Q4, we’re going to lean forward.  Make five more final sales calls or visits “after” we decided to hang up our spikes for the day.  There are a LOT of us who are right on the edge of qualifying to attend the Presidential Leadership Summit in a tropical destination in the spring of 2020.  There are a lot of us who are up for promotions or the biggest paychecks we’ve ever earned.  It’s gratifying to grow our sales!
  2. Building out our products and our business capacity. In Q4, we’re going to push ourselves to continue producing innovative, ever-improving products.  We’re going to be laser focused as a group of makers and service providers to iteratively improve the functionality and results of our existing AMP-created products and also to build into our business robust new utility that we’ve never had before, in order to run our business with more flexibility and efficiency than we’ve ever had before.  It’s exciting to be building, to be improving always, and to be creating.
  3. Readying ourselves for more growth in 2020. Complacent people put up strong performance and then try to ease off the accelerator.  We’re working with the knowledge that highly successful people double down on success.  That willingness to first push through frustration to success, and then to push through moderate success to huge success, is rare.  It’s what long term makes individuals and companies exceptional, and not merely good.  Getting ready to grow again is a huge part of our Q4, and it’s what motivates many of us every day.

This time of year, the world starts to move at warp speed.  First we have Halloween, then suddenly its Thanksgiving time.  Then, suddenly we’re staring down Christmas and New Years and the beginning of a new calendar year.  With less than 3 months left, let’s take a minute to appreciate, then to plan, and then let’s get right to it.


written by:
Abe Andrzejewski