Career SuccessJan 21, 2020

AMP Accounting, Customer Experience & HR Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Brianne Davidson on being selected as the 2019 Accounting, Customer Service & HR Employee of the Year!

Brianne is the Accounting/CE/HR Employee of the Year!!  Brianne joined the department two years ago as our Accounting Assistant and at that time her main responsibilities were processing payments and qc’ing payment plans.  As the business has evolved, her role in the department has changed.  This past year, Brianne became the first voice that you hear when you call the accounting extension with questions.  Her peers have said that she is always a kind voice on the other end of the phone.  Her confidence in herself has grown tremendously and she answers both customer and sales rep questions with minimal guidance.  She has taken over text overage billing and the huge task of managing the accounting hold file.

We didn’t stop there with challenging Brianne.  After restructuring the department yet again, in August we asked her to step outside of her comfort zone and make courtesy collection calls to our past due customers.  Initially, Brianne was less than thrilled and was worried about asking for money, but she quickly found her niche and in just four months was able to make 2,447 outbound calls and collect $41,678.26.

Brianne is a true team player!  She has volunteered to stay late and work Saturdays helping the Claiming Department.  She is the first to step in to help when a team member falls behind and is willing to adjust her schedule to get the task completed to meet our strict deadlines. Brianne takes the time to first learn a procedure, and then offer up suggestions on more efficient ways to complete it.  She is a quiet powerhouse of knowledge and information for the Accounting Department.  We are incredibly lucky to have her and we would be lost without her!!

Congratulations Brianne on your well-deserved award! 

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