Career SuccessJan 21, 2020

AMP Admin/Ops Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Hannah Lumpkin on being selected as the 2019 Admin/Ops Employee of the Year!

Hannah is a great asset to not only the Admin Department, but also to AMP as a whole.  Hannah is someone you can always count on to step up, take initiative, and provide exceptional work.  She prides herself on ensuring that everything she does is done to perfection.  Hannah is always willing to learn new tasks and take on more work whether it be within Admin, helping with Claiming Cleanup, or filling any open time with learning other new processes.

Over the last few months, Hannah has taken on several major roles and exceled at all of them.  She has blown OPTIMA™ contract entry out of the water, entering 25 an hour compared to our standard of 19.  Hannah has also some of the highest Print contracts per hour on the team, entering anywhere between 25 and 30 contracts an hour compared to our standard of 17. Hannah holds our highest accuracy hitting an average of 99% weekly, which is an impressive number for someone entering 200 contracts a week.

With amazing productivity numbers like these, there was no one better to learn our verification step.  Since Hannah has learned verification, there has been a significant decrease in entry errors.  She has taken this new step as an opportunity to learn more about each digital product as well as Hold File.  This has allowed her to gain a better understanding on how other departments are directly affected by errors, which in return has only improved her entry accuracy.

“Hannah has done an outstanding job. She has learned many new tasks just over the past few months.  She has a positive attitude even when things just don’t go well.”

“We could not have made it through the last year without Hannah. She has become one of the department’s most reliable enterers while being part-time and has become a go-to in our department when we have hard to handle entry issues.”

“Hannah is everyone’s champion. Once she gets out of her shell, she’s funny, likes to keep things light-hearted and is a pleasure to work around.”

Without Hannah stepping up and taking on more hours at the last minute when Admin has been swamped with entry and/or low on team members, we would have not been able to hit some of our deadlines.  There have been times where Hannah has offered to stay late or come in an extra day or two during the week without being asked because she genuinely cares about not only the success and accomplishments of the Admin Department, but also for AMP as a whole.  Hannah would be a great choice for AMP’s Employee of the Year.

Congratulations Hannah on your well-deserved award! 

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