Career SuccessJan 21, 2020

AMP Sales Support Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Natalie Wilson on being selected as the 2019 Sales Support Employee of the Year!

When I think over the last year in Sales Support and at AMP there is one person whose name always stands out.  This person started off the year strong, faced adversity in her health mid-year and came back even stronger.  She has stepped up and out of her comfort zone to grow and has had a remarkable and positive impact on her own department, the departments she works closely with and the sales field as well.  That person is Natalie Wilson.

Natalie is the embodiment of the ultimate Sales Supporter and co-worker.  She is intelligent, friendly, outgoing, persistent and relentlessly helpful.  When you think of what makes a good employee, Natalie checks all the boxes and then some. She is punctual, respectful, a team-player and a light in the Sales Support department and the office overall.

She takes ownership of her many responsibilities and tackles them all with grace and a super positive attitude. She is always looking for new and better ways to help anyone she works with.  She asks great questions and dives deep into product knowledge, consistently volunteering to take on more so that she is never missing any detail that may be helpful to her reps and her team. Just recently, Natalie won Employee of the Month when she was nominated by both Sales Support AND Schaumburg!

Natalie is an expert communicator.  She is precise, positive and proactive in her outreach to her own team as well as the field reps and other departments in the office. Natalie has an incredibly diverse group of people she works with on a day-to-day basis which requires her to be fluent in many “languages” and she excels in them all! I always tell her she has a unique ability to deliver any kind of news in a positive light.  This is a skill that is incredibly difficult to teach and Natalie just has it!  She has an innate ability to make whoever she is speaking with feel supported and guided, even if she cannot give them the answer they are wanting.

Natalie leads our Mentorship Day team in Sales Support as well as supports both our Schaumburg Inside Sales Team and our Digital Support Specialists in addition to her outside sales teams.  To do this successfully she works closely with Nikki Bowman and Ashley Fawkes as well as with Brandi McGoldrick and Megan Moser.  It cannot be understated how complementary these esteemed leaders at AMP have been of Natalie.  Over the last year, I have gotten so many compliments on how Natalie has worked with their teams!  With their permission, I’d like to share some of what they have said!

Brandi says “Natalie has had a huge impact on the DSS team.  She was such a fast learner and is so dialed in!  She always gets anything I ask her for back to me super-fast!”

Ashley says, “Natalie is awesome to work with!  She is super speedy to respond to all my requests!  I can also always count on her to be cheerful and helpful.  Talking to Natalie puts me in a great mood!  She has also been such a great back-up to Colleen when she is out!”

Nikki says, “Natalie is ½ of the ride day team that we work very extensively with. In 2019 we have scheduled nearly 2000 observation days for candidates and mentors. We have about two days a week that are heavy with observation days after interview days (Tuesday and Fridays) Natalie schedules between sales field reps, and recruiters/ candidates approximately 20 appointments a week. Scheduling can become very difficult in territories that have low staffing or very remote sales mentors. She needs to work quickly and as effectively as possible, because in recruiting “time is money honey!” Natalie has been one of the greatest pleasures to work with on the mentorship day team. It’s easy to kick problems back to myself or the recruiter. Natalie consistently takes it upon herself to find a solution. She’ll give options or try to move appointments around to make everything work. I am so thankful for her, as she gives me more time to focus in other areas and eases recruiters concerns about scheduling. She is definitely a forward thinking employee and time and time again is going above and beyond. AMP wouldn’t have hired hundreds of new hires this year and brought in over 6 million of dollars of Rookie Revenue without Natalie. She plays a big part to our 3rd step of our interview process. I want her to know how big of a responsibility the rideday team is and how much we appreciate them. Working to coordinate hundreds of people’s schedules is very difficult and she does a fantastic job!”

Everyone who encounters Natalie comes away feeling better than before!  She is such a great teammate and person and has worked so hard over the last year.  She is so deserving of this accolade!

Congratulations Natalie on your well-deserved award! 

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