Career SuccessJan 31, 2020

January AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Cheryl Montgomery!

Our department’s nomination for Employee of the Month is Cheryl Montgomery! A couple of things that were sent in about Cheryl this month were:

“Cheryl has been a huge help to me with contacting customers I am unable to get a hold of and helps me complete verification.” They also said “She often helps make my job easier and when I ask for help, I know she will almost always get the job done.” Someone else said “Cheryl is always lending a helping hand and comes in every day with a great attitude.”

I’m sure I sound like a broken record right now, because we just nominated Cheryl, but I think that just speaks volumes to how well she is doing. She just keeps receiving nominations! Side note – Veronica may have gotten 6/7 votes from the verification team for Employee of the Year, but that 7th vote was for Cheryl too!

Cheryl comes in every day in a great mood, always says good morning, and is ready to get the day going. The team continues to rely on Cheryl month over month as she is a huge help for hard to reach customers and loves taking on the challenge of trying to reach them. She handles difficult site calls by fighting hard on behalf of the customer. Her teammates look to her for her expertise as the most seasoned verification specialist.

When we did one on ones this month Cheryl actually took the initiative and asked for a refresher in training. This actually surprised me. When I asked if she felt like she was missing something, She explained that in answering questions for some of our newer Verification Specialists, she realized she wasn’t able to answer all of the questions on our smaller renewal sites as best as she should have been able to. She then said she wants the team to be able to rely on her for help with their accounts, no matter the site and asked to work with the Verification Trainer to fine tune her skills.

There was a time when Cheryl would not have asked for help. She found that her motivation comes from the way she feels when she helps the team succeed. That’s why our January 2020 Cheryl is not only better than January 2019 Cheryl, but she’s also better than the November 2019 Cheryl that we chose to nominate for Employee of the Month last time. Cheryl’s commitment to her team and passion for helping her customers is why she is our choice for Employee of the Month.

Cheryl’s commitment to her team and passion for helping her customers is why she is our choice for Employee of the Month.

Congratulations Cheryl on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

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