Career SuccessFeb 25, 2020

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together.

Because of this Universal force, if you give off negative energies and intentions, you will receive negative energies back in the form of people, situations, ideas, and circumstance. On the bright side, the same goes for positivity.

Within AMP you can see the Law of Attraction at work everyday. AMP is built around positive energies and intentions. Abe gladly shares his positivity with everyone he meets and is clear about how he wants us to act with positivity and helpfulness at the forefront of our minds. The Universe has returned this energy back to him in the form of like-minded people, great ideas and the right circumstances to help him succeed and watch his company grow.

So how do we use this in our own lives? 

Focus on your goal. How you will feel when you meet that goal, and who you are going to celebrate with? All of those good feelings are your very own brand of positivity! If your goal is to get more business owners to truly hear you out, start truly listening to what they have to say (sell to help!). If your goal is a achieving a bonus–then dig deeper! What does that bonus money mean for you? How will you feel when you get that paycheck? If your main focus is paying off a loan with that bonus so you can be more financially stable, than sell with the intention of helping small businesses become more financially stable!

Using this knowledge is an acquired skill. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not the “Master of Universal Influence” right from the start. It takes some emotional intelligence (which can be difficult) and patience to see the response from your positivity and to adjust your behavior and intentions to match what you striving toward. Start small by using the things you hear within AMP all the time.

“Sell to Help”

“Work Smarter & Harder”

“Smile Before You Walk In”

“Expansion Always in All Ways”

The Law of Attraction also has a snowball effect – once you start seeing the things in your life that you’ve been looking for, it gets easier. Abe has a whole community of sales reps (all of us!) to keep him positive even when he is down in the dumps (which I’m not even sure is possible). He has surrounded himself with the people, ideas, and circumstances that remind him of all of the goals he has achieved and the dreams he has realized. This can be true for every one of us! 

Be the kind of person you want to meet, create the kind of situations you wish you could find yourself in, and contribute your thoughts on topics that are important to you to find others that think similarly.



written by:
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