November AMP Employee of the Month!.

November - Employee of the Month
Career SuccessDec 03, 2020

Cameran Fry- AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Cameran Fry!

Our Employee of the Month is Cameran Fry! Cameran was nominated by two department.

This is what our Recruiting dept had to say: Our vote is for Cameran Fry. Recently the recruiting team has joined forces with the verification team for a short term assignment. Cameran trained 9 recruiters in a very short amount of time. The team is up and running and everyone hit their benchmark yesterday.

Thank you Cam for your help, patience and expertise. We are so thankful for you both. 

This is what the Verification dept had to say about Cameran:

Cam has had a HUGE month of training, with temps, hiring managers and new hires. She has done all that with a smile on her face and last minute changes. She has also continued to answer team questions, coordinate tasks to route to the appropriate people and work tasks herself! She has rolled with the punches this past month and put in the extra effort in all aspects. She is someone that makes sure to best train each person to ensure that our customers get the best online presence. We don’t know what we would do without her!

One of her co-workers had this to say about her: Being part of this new position, Cam has made the transition and training a positive experience! She has been an amazing teacher, leader, motivator! She is patient, flexible and answers multiple calls, emails and questions every day. I am very grateful for her!



Congratulations Cameran on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

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