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AMP 2020 Verification Team Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Cheryl Montgomery on winning the 2020 AMP Verification Team Employee of the Year!

2020 was a crazy year, but I am proud to share our hardworking Verification Employee of the Year with you!

One person had this to say about our Verification pick for Employee of the Year “This person has been a huge help to me with contacting customers I am unable to get ahold of and helps me complete verifications.” Another said “They often help make my job easier and when I ask for help, I know they will almost always get the job done.” A third stated “This person is always lending a helping hand and comes in every day with a great attitude.”

Here’s the kicker. These things were all said one year ago – in January of 2020. That’s right, the Verification Teams Department Employee of the Year actually started 2020 off as AMP’s Employee of the Month!

So – what is her team still saying about her?

  1. She comes in everyday with a great attitude and ready to work! She is a great resource for the team, and is always willing to help when needed. She is great at communicating with the team.
  2. She is always very helpful when one of our team members needs assistance. She is the first one to volunteer to reach out to customers… especially hard to reach customers! She always has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with

The Verification Team’s Employee of the Year is Cheryl Montgomery!

The team continues to rely on Cheryl month over month as she is a huge help for hard to reach customers and loves taking on the challenge of trying to reach them. She handles difficult site calls by fighting hard on behalf of the customer.

At the end of 2019 we had a couple new verification hires and in January, she took the initiative to ask me for additional training. When I asked if she felt she was specifically not understanding something, she explained that in answering questions for some of our newer Verification Specialists, she realized she wasn’t able to answer all of the questions on our smaller renewal sites as best as she should have been able to. She stated she wanted the team to be able to rely on her for help with their accounts, no matter the site and worked with the Verification Trainer to fine tune her skills. Now she is confident when her teammates look to her for her expertise as the most seasoned verification specialist.

What else did Cheryl do this year?

  • Cheryl became the go to for the verification specialist questions when the trainer was unavailable.
  • She became a “verification buddy” for the hiring managers when they took on the temporary verification role due to COVID.
  • Cheryl is often the Verification Specialist with the highest call time and volume. Our customers love her! Whether she is working with them to verify listings and they are just super excited to talk or really fighting on behalf of a customer with a site – you can always find her on the phone!
  • Cheryl is highly accurate, thorough, and quick to respond which made her a go to for OPTIMA and OPTIMA help emails for priority accounts.
  • She was instrumental in testing procedures for Verification in Sugar.
    • Even though she was terrified – she jumped in with both feet

Cheryl grew in many ways this year while her killer verification and core communication skills remained strong. Because of Cheryl’s passion for helping our small business owners, her dedication, and commitment to her team we feel Cheryl Montgomery should be AMP’s 2020 Office Employee of the year!

Congratulations on winning Verification Team Employee of the Year!

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