Career SuccessJan 28, 2021

AMP 2020 Sales Support & Marketing Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Alissa Royalty on winning 2020 AMP Sales Support & Marketing Employee of the Year!

Alissa is an invaluable asset to the Sales Support team and to AMP as a whole! This past year specifically, she has stepped up tremendously!  The Sales Support department went through a huge transition the middle of last year with Amanda moving into the Operations Manager role and there were several tasks that Alissa had never done before that needed to be fulfilled.  While the entire department adapted and took on new responsibilities, Alissa had huge personal growth stepped up and to take real leadership within our department.  In addition to her many previous tasks, she now handles every detail regarding sales classes.  This includes organizing a Google spreadsheet with traditional, digital and inside sales class candidate information, handling all communication with District Managers gathering town assignments and start day trainer information, along with keeping the department updated when candidates have dropped or moved classes.  This communication also extends beyond the Sales Support team to many other departments in the office.  Alissa is seamless and detailed in her communications making information readily available and easy to understand.  She is the key player in ensuring that sales classes run smoothly and that everyone who needs information has it! This is a huge statement to Alissa’s communication skills in that this area of the business is constantly changing.  She goes out of her way to ensure no one is out of the loop and never hesitates to step in herself when there are extra things to be done.

Alissa is indispensable to the field sales team.  She is detailed and thorough in her interactions with sales reps making her someone they all count on.  She goes above and beyond to help her teams, and assist her District Managers with anything they might need.  She has taken on a lot more communication in recent months especially with Sales Support being short staffed and team-sharing being at an all-time high.  She communicates with Colleen to be sure that the Schaumburg team has everything they need and many times steps in to complete the work herself. She does a superior job communicating with myself and Tiffany on weekly checkpoints as well as any upcoming changes allowing us to focus on other things as well.

Alissa’s general work ethic can also not be understated. She can always be counted on to be at work every day, ready to tackle whatever comes our way; she is punctual, professional and positive every single day.  Her infectious go-getter attitude permeates throughout the department and keeps us on track and able to remain productive even in the hardest of situations. Alissa is a person that sometimes flies under the radar because she tackles all her responsibilities without complaint.  You would never know when she is overwhelmed (as we all are some days!) because she is such a dedicated, hard worker. She never hesitates to make herself available to answer questions, give guidance and take on extra work when others are overloaded. She is selfless in every aspect of her personality and shows that every day.  Alissa has been a dedicated, reliable, consistent force in Sales Support for almost 8 years and is so deserving of this recognition!

Congratulations Alissa on winning Sales Support & Marketing Employee of the Year!

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