Career SuccessJan 29, 2021

AMP 2020 Print Fulfillment Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Andrea Whitty on winning the 2020 AMP Print Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

  1. I’d like to vote for Andrea Whitty. She works tirelessly, takes on a great deal of work and never falters in her duty.
  2. I would like to Nominate – Andrea Whitty.  Though there isn’t much of us left & this pandemic has cause the world crazy hardships, Andrea has kept up with the company & department throughout the shutdown…. & stayed on task with everyone who has been working very hard to keep afloat.  She is definitely a valued coworker who I appreciate…
  3. My vote goes to Andrea Whitty.  I can’t imagine what Andrea does on a daily basis, laying out so many books while also updating and sending out the 4-day sheet so that all of us are up to date with what books are going to print next. She has also helped out with other tasks such as ad corrections and photo editing for GSV. And no matter how busy she might be, Andrea is always there to help. I know I can count on her if I have a question or need help with something, she is such a hard worker and so kind. I believe Andrea deserves this award because she is always on time and ready to work, she is hard working, and is always happy to help others when they may need it.

Andrea’s peers say it best! Andrea has been irreplaceable during this crazy pandemic year. Our department has had some big staffing changes this year and I was also out for 2 months on leave. Andrea took on so many extra QC and Design duties to meet deadlines and keep our workflow steady, and she did it without complaint. She has shown SO MUCH dedication to this company over the last 8 years, has worn several hats (Ad Changes Designer, Team Lead, and Pagination Designer), and rolled with the punches with things were challenging. I am so proud of what she has accomplished professionally at AMP and I truly feel that Andrea deserves to be the AMP Employee of the Year!

Congratulations Andrea on winning Print Fulfillment Employee of the Year!

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