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Hotel Advertising Solutions

Drive business for your hotel by boosting your presence online with OPTIMA™.

Hotel stays are booked for a variety of circumstances. They could be for a late-night stop for rest on a road trip to a far away destination, a week-long stay for a getaway from home, or long-term stay for people visiting the area. No matter the situation by which someone is staying, there’s always a common denominator: consumers are searching for hotels online.

On Google, three businesses are typically featured when searching online. You want your business to be in these top three, and even better if you’re the first. Moving from the 2nd featured listing to the 1st featured listing increases clicks by 226%! Additionally, moving from 3rd to 1st more than triples calls. With OPTIMA™, becoming the top result in a potential customer’s online search is easier than ever. Google considers 5 factors when ranking listings: accuracy, consistency, uniqueness, freshness, and authority. OPTIMA™ covers all of these categories by  professionally claiming, verifying, and enhancing your listing to ensure that your listing is featured prominently in search results so that your hotel’s rooms are all booked.

Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tours are essential to marketing your hotel online.

Hotels are one of our most viewed Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour categories. A Virtual Tour is the perfect way to not only show off your clean, attractive rooms, but also your many amenities such as spa, pool, gym, lounge, or restaurant & bar. Every hotel is different and you want to be sure to show potential customers why your hotel is the better stay than your competitors’. There’s no better way to show this off than by giving that customer the opportunity to come inside your hotel without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Shown below, Chicago Marriott of Naperville, IL has over three million views since publishing in September 2017; these are three million guests taking the time to research for their upcoming stay and making an informed decision based upon what they see. With an impressive Virtual Tour, you can make their decision easy in choosing your hotel.


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