February - AMP Employee of the Month!.

February AMP Employee of the Month
Career SuccessMar 08, 2021

February- AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Mohammad Khan

Congratulations Mohammad on earning AMP Employee of the Month!

IT Choose Mohammad Khan for Employee of the Month because he accomplished so much for the business in the past 30 days. We typically go into each project sprint with a plan of what we want to see rolled out in the release and Mohammad has been great at getting each story through to the finish line. This is normally a feat by itself because of how many unexpected things can pop up.

This past month saw one of our bigger projects come to fruition with the ability to complete bundled digital sales and we went into this thinking that our downstream systems wouldn’t be impacted by this project. Instead, one of the systems, Finance Workflow, was impacted greatly by this change up and not only did Mohammad jump to Finance Workflow without batting an eye, he still managed to get the majority of his stories in our sprint to UAT and deployed. Even more, this month he saw quite a few more support tickets assigned to him and he worked on those as well.

Mohammad has always been someone we could count on but the amount he took on this month and SUCCESSFULLY completed is outstanding which is why he should get the Employee of the Month this time! WAY TO ROCK, Mohammad!

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