SolutionsMar 18, 2021

Keep Communication Open with OPTIMA™ Lead Capture Technology

While we often discuss the broad benefits that our OPTIMA™ Program provides, it’s important to dive deep into why our OPTIMA™ Program is so successful for small businesses and how we can continue driving business for our clients with our online presence management tools. One of these useful tools is our Lead Capture Technology. Included with OPTIMA™, AMP’s Lead Capture Technology is essential for businesses of all types. Having an open way of communicating with your customers beyond the 8AM-5PM workday is what’s going to set you ahead of your competition and help you win that sale.

Picture this scenario: You’re sitting on your couch drinking coffee at 6 AM on a Saturday morning noticing how much your couch needs a cleaning. You don’t want to call because it’s extra early, but you want to get this handled before you forget about it. When searching online for a carpet cleaner to clean your upholstery you come across a couple of businesses. Business A has only a phone number listed. Business B has a phone number and the Lead Capture Technology on their website. You think, “Okay, let me just send a message since it’s super early and quite honestly I don’t want to talk on the phone.” By 8 AM, Business owner B has responded since they got the lead sent directly to their email! DEAL DONE! You also decide to get the rest of the carpets in your house cleaned while Business B is taking care of your couch. Then, a few months later your friends need a carpet cleaner, so you recommend Business B! We can play this game over and over! Simply by having an easy way for customers to reach your business,  you can generate many more customers for years to come!

Here are a few examples of Hot Leads that have come through our Lead Capture Technology within the last month!

  • Luxe Nail Bar [7:52 AM]: I currently have tip and dip and need a fill, also would like a deluxe pedi. Can I come in at 2:30 today?
  • Alana Springs Campground [10:50 AM]: Are you open for winter camping? If not, what months are you open? What are your rates for a tent with electrical? How many feet/miles of hiking trails? Sounds like a great place. Thanks!
  • Bedrock Sand and Gravel [1:21 PM]: How much would 33 tons of Mineral Gray Granite Rock (or similar) cost with delivery?
  • Vivid Automotive [11:12 AM]: I just wanted to see how much it would be to get my windows tinted and to install remote start on my 2017 Honda HR-V.
  • Bella Hair Salon [9:45 AM]: Good morning! I was referred to you by a few of my coworkers who get their hair done by you guys, in regards to doing my hair for my wedding and possibly my bridesmaids’ hair. I am looking for some pricing information and to see if you are available on my wedding date, 6/12/21.
  • Dance Unlimited [11:54 AM]: Hello! I want to get my daughter in some classes but I was wondering about what the prices were and if it was possible to pay a year upfront instead of monthly She will be 4 in March. Thanks!
  • Droegkamp Furnace Co. [8:15 AM]: I would like to schedule a service call. I have a rattling noise on my Armstrong Air Ultra Air V when furnace kicks on. You have serviced our furnace/AC in the past, I think in 2014.
  • Fantasy Ink Tattoo [1:40 PM]: Hey! My friend and I are interested in getting a small tattoo from your shop any time after 2 PM on Tuesday the 16th. We were wondering if you had any availability? We are also curious what your pricing is? Thank you!




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