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Supermarket Advertising Solutions

AMP has the Advertising Solutions to take your Supermarket to the next level.

Supermarkets are a truly essential business — which means business will always be in demand, but it also means that competition is everywhere. Despite the constant demand for Supermarket products, effective advertisement is still a must to ensure that your supermarket is being chosen over your competitors. AMP has the advertising solutions to ensure your business is getting all of the exposure it can in all of the places customers are looking.

Advertise everything you offer with OPTIMA™.

These days, Supermarkets offer so much more than groceries. Often, they’ll have bakeries, delis, liquor, pharmacies, specialty foods, floral shops, and more. Supermarkets have become a one-stop shop for everyday essentials, and often the supermarket that has the most offerings is the one selected. Rather than a customer running around to multiple stores, they’ll choose the store with the broadest range of products — meaning they’re spending more money at your store versus your competitors!

Any and all services you’re offering should be advertised! With social distancing protocols in place, online shopping for groceries is becoming more and more popular. If you offer any form of delivery or curbside pick-up for groceries, you’re missing out by not actively advertising online. Popular online grocery delivery apps have over-saturated the market, but a large portion of their advertisements show up as “paid” advertisements in search engines. Customers have trained themselves to ignore these paid advertisements in favor of organic listings that show up later in search results. If you advertise your services in these organic search listings, your advertisement is 20 times more likely to be clicked — even better if you show up in the first three listings, which is made simple with OPTIMA™ Online Visibility and Reputation Management Program.

“We are so thankful to be a truly essential business during this time and we are especially thankful for our Account manager for always responding quickly, giving us advice and keeping our information updated as quickly as things are changing right now. We went from an extremely busy storefront to an extremely busy curbside system, and changed our hours in a matter of days because of COVID-19. The silver lining of this is seeing how important we are to our community and the surrounding areas. The most extraordinary thing though, is that our experience with OPTIMA™ has ALWAYS been like this, so we knew our Account Manager would have our back during this stressful time.” — Makayla Melton, The Hayloft of Brownsburg, IN

Virtual Tours make choosing a Supermarket easy.

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a chore! When your Supermarket is clean, offerings are fresh, and the atmosphere is right, grocery shopping won’t feel like a task being checked off of a never ending to-do list. With a Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour, you can show your customers that you care about your business and its impression on the community. GSV Tours are especially helpful to show off your special offerings. Have a health foods section? Feature it in your tour! Customers enjoy shopping in places they are familiar with. Having your Supermarket’s interior featured online, where potential customers can preview from the comfort of their couch, is a huge driver of new customers coming in the door.

Even better, all Virtual Tours include a package of professional still photos shot by our on-site photographer to your specifications. Have you just remodeled a portion of your store? Do you have seasonal offerings you want to feature on your website and in advertisements? These professional still photos are given to you to have access to at any time for whatever you may need them for at no additional charge.

See below for a tour we recently shot for Brennan’s Market in Madison, WI.

CloseBy® Text Marketing drives businesses year-round.

Dave’s Supermarket of Fairbury, IL utilizes CloseBy® Text Marketing to keep their customers in the know on special deals, new offerings, and store updates all year round. Dave’s currently has 1,267 customers and counting included on their Text list! CloseBy® Text lists are completely voluntary, so messages only go to your customers that want to receive them! Who better to offer your best deals to? CloseBy® Text can be used for driving business on slow days or selling off overstocked produce, among many other things. The possibilities for advertising with CloseBy® Text Marketing are endless!

Here are a few examples of text messages that Dave’s has sent out to customers in the last few months using CloseBy® Text:

  • 2/25: It’s a THANK-YOU-THURSDAY-TEXT! Stockpile the freezer with Always Save Pizzas; Pepperoni, Sausage & Cheese at 7/$10, today only!
  • 2/03: SUPER Savings for the Big Game kick off today, including AVOCADOS for just .25 ea., get em early!
  • 1/09: Looking for some wknd. healthy proteins? Running great deals on Fresh Salmon $6.99lb, Frzn Chicken Breasts $1.39lb & Pork Tenderloin $1.99lb
  • 1/08: FRESH BLACKBERRIES TEXT SPECIAL! $1.00 ea, NO LIMIT thru the weekend! Just show this text to your cashier
  • 12/22: Make a Cook’s Ham and/or a Prime Rib Roast the star of your Christmas meal! (Limit 1 of each w/purchase) On Sale!
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