Career SuccessApr 06, 2021

AMPlified Success: Austin Oppenheimer

Meet Austin Oppenheimer, Assistant District Manager for the Des Moines Digital Team, and read about his career journey at AMP.

I stumbled upon AMP by having my Indeed feelers out there while I was in the car business.  I have always loved working with people and helping them find what they need so I decided to look into the company.  Upon doing a little research I learned how cool of a company this is, and what they have to offer is relevant to businesses needs today! So, I took the leap of faith into a new career!

I started with AMP in July of 2020 right after the nation-wide shut down. I learned quickly how much of an impact we can truly make for small business owners just by offering the simple services we provide at an extremely low cost!  I took the time and effort to invest in myself and our services so I could better serve the businesses I walked into.

One of my most memorable sales came with a small boutique in Ankeny, Iowa called The Purple Poppy Boutique.  When I met the two owners, Paula and Lea, their Ankeny location had just opened up which was their second location (the first in Johnston, Iowa).  Their physical location was in a very new part of town and even if you had been in the area recently, you might still not have known they were there.  Their online presence was not the greatest, which was not their fault- they were just new and getting their feet beneath them!  I teamed up with Paula and Lea at both of their locations with the Google Street View program and our OPTIMA™ program.  Just six months in, they both consistently rank in the top three of any search on any search engine someone would use to find them in their respective area! Whenever I am in the area, I know I can swing by and be greeted with a smile and even a hug from two happy business owners!

Now, almost nine months in, I have been promoted three times and serve as the Assistant District Manager of the Des Moines Digital team.  I have been able to learn side-by-side with my peers and mentors who help guide me on tough days and recognize me on the great days!  I continue to learn every day by engaging with new businesses and figuring out what makes them special in their industry, which I am able to digest and bring with me into the next business.  With each stop comes another opportunity for me to change a business owners life and help them succeed in a cut-throat digital world.

On Austin’s time at AMP, Josh Mcgraw had this to say:

“I admire a lot of Austin’s qualities but the one I admire the most is his drive to succeed. He doesn’t look to past successes to make himself feel like he can short change the present, he doesn’t feel like the sales field owes him a soft day because the day before he was great. He puts in the work of being prepared the night before. He listens to the morning success calls and absorbs that information. He responds to challenges. He isn’t afraid to look in the mirror and demand more. He adapts. He doesn’t settle. He is always working toward his goals. He provides every opportunity when he is in front of a customer for them to see the benefits of our programs and is highly skilled at assuming the sale. When there are tough days he learns, he overcomes. He doesn’t dwell, he doesn’t despair. He digs in, he works harder. He succeeds.”



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