March - AMP Employee of the Month!.

March AMP Employee of the Month
Career SuccessApr 06, 2021

March AMP Employee of the Month!

AMP Employee of the Month!

Angelica Muriella

Congratulations Angelica for earning AMP Employee of the Month!

Have you ever just met a person that loves what they do. That is Ang.  She radiates the office with her presence. You will know when she is in the office and you will know when she is not. LOL. Her amazing attitude is contagious. So friendly and easy to talk with.

I love listening to her when she is on the phone with a customer. She knows the products she pitches to the customer will benefit them. You can hear how excited she is talking with them and knowing she helping their business grow. If she does not get a YES that day from a customer, she will tell me that she will get them next time. This great upbeat personality is one of the many reasons she is leading the team in text sales and became one of the leaders in NDR.

Talking with her manager, I had found out that a handful of our newer account manager’s look to Ang for account questions. She has also been spending hours doing virtual training with newer reps.  Ang loves helping not only customers but also her peers. This is what makes her a great asset to AMP.

She also recently taken on being a member of the sec committee. Bringing all her fun energy for special events for the office.

One more thing that she does almost on a weekly basis is coordinating materials back and forth from DeKalb to Schaumburg when needed.


Thank you Angelica for being you!!!


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