Company UpdatesAug 02, 2021

CEO’s Corner – July 2021

We had an exceptional second quarter at AMP and our incredible performance over the past three months sets the stage for a very strong second half of 2021.  Our strength wasn’t demonstrated with great sales performance alone.  We made measurable, visible progress in every corner of the company.

Compared to the second quarter last year, we grew by 46%.  Breaking it down by month, we drove 56% growth over the prior May’s total revenue; then we grew 72% in June, and 24% in July.  It’s true of course that these growth stats reflect that we had the advantage of hurdling last year’s pandemic period.  To find a better quarter of sales performance at AMP, you have to go back 24 quarters, to 2016.  That was the last time we last sold as much as we did in our most recently closed quarter.

In the office too we are in growth mode.  We spent the past three months doing the fundamental and essential things that make AMP a great partner to our clients – fulfilling orders, providing good service and regularly generating game-changing results for our customers.  Beyond that, though, we also spent considerable effort the last three months re-imagining and building toward what we are capable of as a business. We re-engineered process and systems to support customers, simplified and enhanced comp plans, and added operational scale to our business infrastructure.  We are nearing the point where we can deploy some very exciting new products to our sales teams and customers.  It feels good to be growing aggressively and taking more and more market share, while at the same time we gather strength in areas of operational performance, training, and product development.

Whenever I address the whole company as I did this past Friday for our Mid-Year Meeting, I spend purposeful time looking at the results we are driving for our customers.  I’m incredibly proud of the good work that we are doing for the hard working business owners who choose us as their marketing partner.  Whether it is the 439,000 online reviews that we help our clients respond to, manage, or positively promote this past six months; the 1.6 billion AMP still photos and panoramic images that consumers have viewed in the past six months, the 29,600 Hot Leads that our Testimonial Pages have delivered, or the millions of calls, driving directions, or inquiries that we’ve facilitated for our clients, what is clear to me is that we’re doing GREAT work for our customers.

At our Mid-Year Company Meeting, we discussed the experience of how getting better in one single area has a positive impact on ALL other areas.  Halfway through the year and six months ahead of our first in-person All Company Annual Meeting in two years, with a stage, a spotlight, and a live audience, this is a very good time for each of us to think about one single area of our work where we can make a marked, purposeful improvement!  I’m excited about the weeks and months ahead.  Get ready for another period of significant growth, steady change, and incredible results.


written by:
Abe Andrzejewski