Career SuccessAug 24, 2021

AMPlified Success: Lisa Bajer

Meet Lisa Bajer, Mentorship Manager, and read about her career journey at AMP.

My career at AMP started in June of 2015. Prior to AMP, I had been working as a sales rep for Kelloggs. I had been with them for about 8 years.  My husband and I had our 3rd child and I realized I was working all the time — our girls were growing up so fast and I was missing it.  I had no work life balance at all and knew I needed to make a change, so I put a resume together and waited.

I got many calls and a few offers but the one that stuck out to me was from Kara, a hiring recruiter at AMP. She talked about the job and how I would be selling to help small businesses grow and thrive through AMP’s products.  She told me I would make a salary, uncapped bonuses, and commissions and a lot of other company perks. I honestly thought this job was too good to be true and blew her off. Kara stayed in touch and was consistent, and after learning more about AMP and all of their products, I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.  Most of my family thought I was crazy leaving an 8 year career with such a prominent company to go work for a marketing company most people had never heard of.  My husband supported me and my decision, and I’m so happy he did, because it changed our lives for the better.

My first few months were extremely scary and intimidating — I had never done cold call sales before and there was so much to learn. Even though I came from a sales role, it was different, I kind of had the upper hand. I sold to corporate owned grocery stores would always carry my product but I was now working with small local independent businesses and I had to show them why they needed my products.  At first, I got a lot of rejection and that was hard because I took it personally.  Then our CEO said something that really stuck with me. He said, “You should live by the SW: Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone’s Waiting”.  That’s when I stopped taking the rejection personally and just kept presenting to every single business. My confidence grew and so did my sales.

When I started with AMP in June of 2015, I had about the same amount of time in with both jobs. When I filed my taxes for 2015, I realized I made about $5,000 more working for AMP.  Even though I was struggling trying to learn the job at AMP, that really pushed me to want to keep going.  I was still struggling and not where I wanted to be financially, so I reached out to my district manager and VP of sales (Dawn Yoder & Adam Jurs) and they we’re so supportive: giving me on-going training in a classroom and working side by side with me in the field. I remember Adam telling me that the income difference between your first full year with AMP and your second full year was $20,000. Again, I thought that sounded too good to be true.

Fast forward to 2017, that’s when my career really started to take off and change my family’s life.  I finally had gotten the AMP system down. I knew all my products, had seen them working first hand, and how they had helped the customers I had sold to grow their businesses. My belief bank was full!  For the first time I realized it was possible to have a career and still be a great mom and wife, and that work life balance actually does exist.  I finished 2017 a ranked rep for the first time ever, #27 in the whole company, and I also had earned the presidents achievement award trip to Cancun, Mexico for me and my husband. This was huge mind you, at the time we had 3 girls ages 4, 9, and 14. We had never taken a trip without the kids before AMP made that happen.  Also, Adam was right — my income difference between the 1st & 2nd full year was about $23,000.

Over the years through training and my willingness to continue to learn and grow, so did my career. In 2018 I finished #18 in the company and won the presidents achievement trip for a 2nd time.  In 2019 I finished #12 in the company, won the trip again and won Rep of the year. In 2020 I finished #2 in the company, won the trip for a 4th time, and won Rep of the year for a second time.  I also made a huge goal for myself income-wise in 2020 that I didn’t think was even possible and I surpassed it.

Fast forward to today, I’m still with AMP and am currently a Mentorship Manager for the Central Region. I am ranked #3 overall and I am on track to win the presidents achievement trip again and surpass my income from last year.  AMP was life changing for me in many ways, obviously financially, but personally as well.  There is a family culture here at AMP and they have helped me grow & believe in myself like I never have before. I have become a better mother and wife since being with AMP.  Today I’m still happily married to the guy I fell for at 17 and we now have 3 girls: Arisa (17), Adyn (13) and Alea (8). My district manager Luke Wasowski and VP of sales Brian Franczak know that those 4 are my Why, the reason I go out everyday and work so hard. They have helped me find that work life balance knowing that I can have a successful career and still be there for my family.

I have grown and gone through many changes with AMP over the last 6 years but right now is the most exciting time of my career.  AMP is growing and we are adding new cutting edge products to help our small businesses grow and thrive.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my career — the sky is the limit!

On Lisa’s time at AMP, Aaron Young had this to say:

“Lisa Bajer is probably one of the nicest gals I know. She always greets with a smile and is genuinely one of the kindest humans on earth. Lisa, or the “Bees knees”, is a name I’ve always recognized since I started my career with AMP. Everyday she is popping sales, which means she’s actively helping people, everyday! Its easy to see why she has had so much success in her community given her generous heart and can do attitude. Lisa always takes the time to reach out and see if anyone needs help and she’s the first to raise her hand if someone does need anything. The Bee is a staple in our culture and AMP is so lucky to have such an honest and caring individual. Here’s to you Lisa and thank you for always being a support system in my corner!”

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