DistinctionsDec 03, 2021

AMP Wins SugarCRM Sales Excellence Breakthrough Award 2021

We’re incredibly proud to announce that AMP has been awarded SugarCRM’s 2021 Sales Excellence Breakthrough Award. This award “…celebrates the customer using Sugar Sell, Sugar Enterprise, or Sugar Professional that sets the bar high for what is considered sales excellence, using the CRM to its fullest.”

SugarCRM is an incredibly effective customer relationship management system that has been a helpful tool in AMP’s continual growth since we deployed it company-wide in February 2018.

In the award announcement press release, SugarCRM describes AMP as, “A provider of local marketing services to more than 50,000 independent small business owners across the U.S. With Sugar, AMP has simplified time-consuming tasks, making sales accounting and administrative work faster, easier, and more efficient. Special recognition is extended to Faye for AMP support.”


When asked what it means to be a breakthrough customer, Joline Staeheli, Director of Marketing, said,

“Twenty four years ago, AMP started with just one phone book.  Fifteen years later we became the largest publisher of community-specific telephone directories in the nation.  As the media landscape has evolved we’ve adapted to become a fully integrated digital agency and a developer of wholly-owned ad tech solutions supported by the Sugar CRM infrastructure.  When we work with each of our clients, we have one goal:  Make sure our customer wins the call whenever a local consumer has a need and begins to search. Our products are sold by great people and supported by best-in class teams of responsive service specialists. We are proud to rely on the stable architecture and flexible features provided by Sugar CRM to sell and service our 50,000 small business customers and are thrilled that Sugar CRM has recognized our team as a breakthrough customer and winner of the Sales Excellence Award.”


Our success with SugarCRM has been a total team effort — instrumentally impacted by the creativity and problem solving of Megan Moser, Tiffany Mills, and Kristin Bayle.

When asked what this award means to them, they each said:

“Integrating SugarCRM into AMP has been integral to allowing our business to be evolutionary and revolutionary in our approach to both selling, fulfilling, and servicing our ever-growing product set. We have gained greater visibility throughout our entire business and the open source flexibility has allowed us to continue to push the envelope on what’s possible. We are honored to receive this award and so proud of our team and the hours of ideation spent in making our innovations come to life.” Megan Moser, Director of OPTIMA™ Fulfillment

“One of the things I love most about Sugar is the freedom it has given our sales reps at their fingertips. I also love how much we can customize the platform. When I was initially researching CRM systems, I was having so much trouble understanding how we could use the system for our business.  With SugarCRM’s open source platform, we are able to do as we see fit for our business.” Tiffany Mills, Director of Sales Support

“Implementing the SugarCRM was an undertaking in all aspects because we were turning multiple systems to point to a centered process. The best visual way for me to explain it is we took our business and turned it into a wheel where the CRM became the Hub of where a customer begins their journey with us and can now have multiple spokes coming out to different systems. This efficiency in entry, reporting and consistent data around a customer speaks volumes to what the CRM did for us.

We have been able to continue to mold this system as our business adjusts and it’s been impressive to see how dynamic we can make those changes that allows us the flexibility in new ideas and products to come to a faster fruition. It’s been amazing to be a part of this kind of initiative and it has continued to be a learning and growing environment. Having Sugar recognize our efforts in continuing to grow with that system is an honor because it shows what we have accomplished in the few years we’ve had it in place.” Kristin Bayle, Director of Project Management


Thank you, SugarCRM, for awarding AMP the 2021 Sales Excellence Breakthrough Award and thank you to each and every member of our organization for contributing to this success.

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